"the smelly Dutch"

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The vessel - the refrigerator of Beriks onboard which there is over two hundred tone of rotten meat, still is in the Strait of Kerch, reports RIA the New region.

The motor ship which journalists christened "the smelly Dutch", moved on anchor parking near Geroyevskoye's settlement.

As reported in a press - Azovo's service - the Black Sea regional government of State frontier service, the vessel on - former is in failure condition.

"The vessel is broken, and the owner has to repair in the beginning it, - the head specified a press - services Lilia Purgina. - On an ambit of any changes - neither demands, nor violations".

According to Purgina, Beriks has the right freely to move by sea as neither the ship, nor team aren't violators and aren't under arrest.

"The ban concerns only freight which the veterinary service doesn't accept on the Ukrainian coast. And the ship and people not criminals", - Purgina explained.

Frontier guards continue to observe Beriks.

As it was reported, at the beginning of April on anchor parking in the Strait of Kerch there was a refrigerator of Beriks (the port of registry Mariupol). In December, 2008 the vessel left the Georgian port Poti with 230 tons of the frozen meat. According to seamen, in a way by the ship some refrigerators broke, and meat was spoiled. Nikolaeva ports, Evpatoria and Feodosiya refused to accept Beriks.

On April 14 the chief Azovo - the Black Sea regional government of State frontier service of Ukraine Oleg Nyshpor declared to journalists that the refrigerator of Beriks will return to the Georgian port Poti. According to him, the agentiruyushchy firm bunkers the motor ship water and products, and after repair of diesels the vessel will leave "from where it came".

Thus Nyshpor recognized that on the coast of East Crimea exists 4 "dead zones" which are inaccessible to radar stations and where smuggling unloading is possible. Sites inaccessible to equipment patrol border duties.


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