Whether there is known a truth about terrible death of a family of the doctor of "Slavic clinic"?

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On May 5 in Appellate court of the Nikolaev area process on I-й the instances, considering criminal case about Vasily and Tamara Shevchik's murder began.

The murder committed on November 11, 2008, at once became resonant. It stirred up the city at all because one of founders of "Slavic clinic", and not was killed because the sum of the stolen made 70 thousand dollars, and also jewelry, gold coins and hours for the sum more than 140 thousand UAH

Murder was so cynical and terrible that people simply couldn't present that presently it is possible to outrage upon the person so brutally. Bodies of the killed were split and cut up with methodicalness of the butcher. Each of owners of the apartment on K.Libknekht St. received on 6-8 blows of an axe in head area, but, besides, they still were исколоты, and the throat at everyone - is cut.

Literally in some days it became known that the murderer of a family Shevchik became the former driver of the head of the family who, it seems, hasn't got on with the former chief and on the hot Caucasian blood exactly in such a way solved it to revenge, and at the same time and production took. But militiamen detained him and already received confirming participation of that in murder testimony.

The judicial board under a predsedatelstvovaniye of the judge of appellate court Elena Ivchenko attentively listened in the beginning to the indictment prepared by prosecutor's office, and then - and the Aziz V. accused of this crime.

Before telling about the events in a court hall, I think, it will be useful to note that the native of Nikolaev, the Lezgian on a nationality Aziz V. has incomplete higher education. In the beginning he studied in NKI at law department, and then was transferred to the Odessa legal academy.

Version first

As followed from the indictment of the prosecutor, V.'s defendant and its neighbor from Big Korenikhi Alexander Ryborak in the course of drinking of alcoholic beverages and conversations on difficulties of life in the absence of finance remembered that Vasily Shevchik sold recently the apartment in Dnepropetrovsk where his daughter, for 80 thousand dollars studied.Aziz working then as the driver himself witnessed signing of the contract of purchase and sale and saw the receipt for the specified sum. As V. had rather friendly relations with a family of the doctor, about a condition of its financial affairs knew not bad. Also well he was informed and on precautionary measures on protection of values in the apartment. The location of the safe and key to it also were known.

Accomplices arrived to Vasily Shevchik, brought a cognac bottle, having thus stocked up with a hatchet for meat cutting from Ryborak's garage and the gloves acquired on the way to the stroymagazena. In the course of drinking Aziz V. left with the hostess in an office under a pretext to help with connection to the Internet. In the same place it struck with an axe to it 14 blows to the head, got also to hands by which the victim tried to be protected.

At this time Ryborak was in kitchen and continued to split the third bottle of cognac from stocks of owners. Probably, the husband heard something because Aziz V. faced it in the doorway at the exit from kitchen. This place also became the last stay on this earth - eight blows an axe laid it on a floor, and two more - on a dobivaniye - forced to cease to resist. Evidence of criminalistic examination shows that in total blows to Vasily and Tamara Shevchik received a lethal dose. But the matter is that they remained are live. Then Aziz V. took a sharp kitchen knife and put on some blows to everyone in thorax area, and for full confidence also a throat cut.

Alexander Ryborak all this time was in kitchen and was that is called "not at affairs".

Version second

On a court session Aziz V. almost completely changes the indications. According to his statement, it has no relation to the committed double murder:

- On a prosshestviye of two months given to me I am free to change the indications. Before it I didn't do because it wasn't confident in impartiality of a consequence. Now in court I intend to tell all truth.

According to Aziz, to Vasily Shevchik he had no unfriendly manifestations. The relations between them were rather friendly. For more than seven years of work under the leadership of Vasily Vasilyevich it really approached with this family. I left work in two months prior to murder only because it expected replenishment in a family, and long business trips couldn't give the chance to carry out appropriate care of the child.

That day, on November 11, to it since morning the former chief called to take away a covering from a cowl of personal KIA of Shevchik, and also to agree at a meeting about repair of the car. As with Ryborak at Aziz V. were both friendly and business interests and therefore also they constantly spent time in common, anything unusual that Alexander went to a meeting, that didn't see. And still he wanted to show photos when took away the son from maternity hospital. But something didn't turn out, and Aziz suggested Tamara Shevchik to see them in "Schoolmates". Having opened it the page, V. left in kitchen (i.e. I didn't begin to consider a photo of the son and the wife together with the hostess) where Vasily Shevchik suggested it to descend behind "additive" and snack.

In search of the ordered pizza Aziz spent about 40 minutes and when returned, doors to him the hostess (as usual), and Sasha (so it was called constantly in court by Aziz) opened not. But it was not the most main surprise. At once Sasha gave it any someone else's mobile phone by which absolutely unfamiliar voice told that from now on that has to follow Alexander Ryborak's all instructions, and already Sasha finding of any people near the house where there lived the wife and Aziz V. two small children

was called the reason of such submission

- These are terrible people. They won't joke, - Ryborak explained.

Also I led Aziz to the apartment. There to it the slaughter picture also opened. But the murderer in the apartment any more wasn't as Sasha explained. One of those "shady characters" who blackmailed not only Aziz, but also Alexander became the real cool butcher. The next morning after murder that showed V. to photos on which the wife and the grandmother who are taking away the grandson from kindergarten, and also the wife going with the younger child were represented.

- And to me were shown just the same, - I told to Aziz Ryborak.

Besides, I explained that these "dark people" demand from Aziz to assume completely all fault for deeds and within two months not to open all truth.

That it also it was made. Conditions of "dark" aren't violated, and for the life to it now and there are nothing to worry.

- I don't force anybody to trust, and told that occurred actually, - Aziz told.

Without versions

Regarding the indications about opening of the safe, a zametaniya of traces, burning of subjects at which there were fingerprints, concealment stolen Aziz remained on former positions - is guilty, was, is ready to be punished. For the rest - it isn't guilty.

It can't provide blackmail proofs. To explain why he needs to assume all fault if Sasha same blackmailed, it can't. He didn't guess plans of alleged murder at all. However on a question of the judge of that, why V. are recognized by Aleksandra Ryboraka the accomplice, the lawyer to incomplete higher education had a small hitch:

- And I don't do him by the accomplice. After all I said that it I killed, that is all fault assumed. On the other hand, I promised to speak anything about Sasha. I had to support two months the version about the participation. That I also made. Actually I in general knew nothing about Sasha's plans.

However, very strange after the aforesaid the answer to a question of the judge about Ryborak's participation in discussion of plans of murder Shevchikov was heard:

- So that only conversations were.

Means, nevertheless conversation was. And Aziz had idea of the previous robbery and murder. It isn't known, whether Alexander Ryborak (his quick staff of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs couldn't find already next day after murder) is live for today. As it isn't known why so confident in lack of money in a hiding place Aziz showed to the place of burial of values where they and were withdrawn. However, without 20 thousand dollars. Who took away them, in what purposes and with what intention, on a court session wasn't discussed.

That Aziz who was confused in the indications that said that learned about the real quantity of blows from "oper" was discussed, specified that Sasha made the "investigative experiment" on bodies of the killed with the story, how many and where it was put blows. "Sudden" emergence of gloves which Aziz "thought up" to explain lack of fingerprints was discussed. Emergence of a bag from - under the laptop in which the axe and gloves was carried by was discussed also. The sense of "emergence" in Ryborak's story was discussed.

It wasn't discussed only, whether there is a human life those several ten of thousands of dollars and gold heaps. As it wasn't said and that accepted Aziz as native Shevchiki so cruelly paid for the trustfulness.

Process only began.Now the judiciary board will hold careful judicial examination, will study all available materials of criminal case. Also will give the answer to the arisen question: who murderer?

In case of validity of the committed double murder Aziz V. is threatened by a life imprisonment. Alexander Ryborak is wanted. Whom or that will be able to find: person or body? Probably, this question and remains without answer. Whether will look for "dark"?

Will show the judgment.

But all this already never will return to life of two people - Vasily and Tamara Shevchik


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