16- summer Nikolaev "Juliette" ran away from a boarding school to the beloved, and he as it appeared, "sat down" at theft

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The fifth time were closed behind the Nadiny back of a door of the Nikolaev receiver - the distributor for children. The fifth time it will return to boarding school. Aunts and the brother at first returned it to "the state house" therefore to them I ceased to run … And the last time, having run away to "beloved", it appeared that it is detained for theft …

I ran away. Again I ran away from a boarding school when there was only a month before the termination of the 9th class, and then technical training college, a hostel, already any freedom.

And that didn't suffice? Five times food, in the summer rest on the Nikolaev seaside coast, new clothes for every season. Let not firm, but rather uniform, but nevertheless, new. Conditions normal. But not bread uniform …

Pupils of a boarding school - not the kindest in the world children, we will tell so, "worldly-wise". And Nadia appeared in a boarding school not incidentally: the father in drunk waste killed mother, got to places of confinement where and suddenly I died … Here such short, but considerable history. 20- it wasn't necessary to the summer brother and two aunts.

At first I ran to them, but they returned it in a boarding school. In the summer all boarding school went to rest to summer camp to the sea. There Nadia got acquainted with 24 - the summer guy. To it also I ran away last fall. Found. Militiamen came in two weeks from criminal militia for children. Returned back. Also began: the receiver - the distributor, again a boarding school, again "blamestorming sessions".

- Why ran away? Because offend. And why offend? Because I run away.

Tutors trust pupils some freedom, relying on their conscientiousness. You can descend in shop, you can go beyond a boarding school. Here some also run. Will accuse of disorder of the tutor. Children will offend. Children to whom, generally - that, all is equal, whether will remove an award from the tutor, and that the militia will be rushed off the feet, having left a heap of important issues, searching not small, but the innocent girl.

Children beat for freedom drink which you managed to snatch while they sat here …

Therefore in the characteristic which already almost by heart was learned by militiamen, it is written: "It isn't sociable, there are no friends, at lessons is passive, inattentive, inclined to addictions …"

And suddenly it found love? Then, having once again got to the receiver - the distributor, Nadia found adherents. Having agreed with girls from a kazankovsky boarding school, they once again ran away and again met. Then she got acquainted with 23 - the summer simple guy from Vinogradovk's village. 16- the summer girl who already was more and more similar to the woman, fell in love … And as it often happens, not in that.

This time she ran to it, having reported about it only to one, appear, to the real and only girlfriend in a boarding school. I ran away, I reached. And it … And he sat down at theft. The hope hoped (such here the pun leaves) to wait for it. I hoped because the hope never dies, it follows the coffin. In her Vinogradovke also found. The girlfriend "handed over".

And further, speaking to rough language of the protocol, on May 6 by the staff of department of criminal militia for children of Lenin RO NSU Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area it was detained 16 - the summer pupil of the Nikolaev boarding school who self-willedally left the special school building. I made escape for the fifth time in the last two years. The detainee is transferred to the receiver - the distributor, from where will be transferred to the boarding school. Daktiloskopirovano, it is transferred to archive …


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