As a part of crew of the vessel "Ariana" captured by the Somali pirates, there are nikolayevets

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According to the data obtained from diplomatic sources, 24 Ukrainian seamen withvessel "Ariana", taken by the Somali pirates, are in relative safety, robbers behave not aggressively. In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine the round-the-clock staff headed by the deputy minister of foreign affairsworksAlexander Kupchishin, where all operational information is flown down. No details are disclosed, nevertheless surnames, names and crew positions in this flight became known. Members of team generally from Odessa, Ilyichevsk,Nikolaev, Izmail. There are even two women.

Yesterday journalists managed to communicate withKaterina Pavalaki, mother of the turner of a vesselSergey Pavalaki. The woman told "Today" that her maternal heart had a presentiment of trouble. "I very strongly was nervous, simply couldn't find any peace. And literally on the eve of capture the dream that I in dirty clothes and barefoot dreamed me. That's a bad sign. And Seryozha before leaving in flight, felt something... It is its fourth flight, earlier it always went to the sea with pleasure, and this time very much didn't want. Also I couldn't explain why, as something didn't release it, - a sad voice the woman tells. - About capture to me reported on Saturday evening. Called and in a forehead told: "We want to let you know that the vessel at which your son works, is captured by pirates". Mobile the son it is disconnected. In the crewing company told that they have water and food, and the kitchen works. They wait when pirates it is made demands. I very much worry, I sit on Corvalol. I distract a little, only when I work. I am a supply manager in детсадике.. " Details about the son, don't tell her, only two times called from the crewing company, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is silent.


The taken:

Captain Gennady Voronov,
starpy Alexander Cherepanin,
2-й assistant Sergey Lupachev,
3-й assistant Konstantin Krupsky,
boatswain Sergey Gerashchenko,


Yury Sinilevich,
Alexander Bondarenko,
Mikhail Bulygin,
Alexander Ivangorodsky,
Mikhail Pypko,
Yury Vasilchenko
senior mechanic Vladimir Streshny,
2-й mechanic Andrey Murugov,
3-й mechanic Alexander Lupachev (possibly, father 2-го assistant to the captain),
4-й mechanic Alexander Schmidt,
electrician Alexander Fyut,


Vadim Plokhotnyuk,
Valentin Gelas,
Grigory Yuresku,

deck gas and arc welders:

Alexander Yurin,
Igor Aladyshev,
turner Sergey Pavalaki,
dnevalny Natalya Los


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