Yushchenko: Ukraine is ready to attract intelligence services for protection against pirates

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PresidentVictor YushchenkoI addressed in the international organizations concerning strengthening of safety of navigation in connection with frequent cases of piracy captures.

The head of state sent the address to the United Nations, the European Union and NATO, reports a press - service of the president

"Recently cases of capture by pirates of peace vessels under flags of the different countries and a capture in hostages of members of crews for the purpose of receiving repayment became frequent. Generally, over the last 5 years citizens of Ukraine became hostages of pirates as a part of 15 vessels. Hostages pirates still have 34 citizens of Ukraine", - is spoken in the address.

"Essential expansion of geography of a sea piracy is observed. This phenomenon gets signs of threat not only to sea navigation, but also international trade, turning into highly profitable criminal business", - Yushchenko noted.

He emphasized that "despite 4 relevant resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council, functioning of several authoritative organizations for coordination of fight against a piracy at the international level, the created international system of counter-measures is ineffective".

"Ukraine, confirming the international obligations within counteraction to illegal acts which threaten sea navigation, urges all subjects of the international relations to make active significantly efforts and real general actions for fight against a piracy on the sea", - the president declared.

"On the agenda there was a question of creation by the international community of corridors of safety for protection against pirates, opening of the additional regional coordination centers of safety of navigation, the right of the military ships of the foreign states to pursue sea pirates in territorial waters, armed security forces of trade vessels in case of passing of the conventional dangerous sea routes, passive (not lethal) systems of defense of civil vessels", - is spoken in the address.

Yushchenko also considers necessary "an operating time at the international level of accurate techniques of counteraction to this phenomenon, improvements "basic protocols on safety" with the requirement of their steady performance by shipowners with the corresponding sanctions in case of refusal or ignorings, attraction to this process of institute of insurance through its possibilities of control and stimulation".

"Ukraine is ready to participate actively in these processes, in particular, to join to voyenno - sea operation of the European Union on fight against a piracy "Atalanta" by her prospecting, logistic or transport service, attraction of forces of a special purpose as groups of protection of civil vessels", - the head of state emphasized.


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