"Dnepr" - IFC "Nikolaev" - 0:0

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Soccer. Championship of Ukraine. Second league. Agroup

Before game

The history of relationship of rivals in the national championships of Ukraine totals 15 meetings. Advantage of IFC "Nikolaev" is indisputable - eight prizes and only one defeat. Three last matches of the winner didn't reveal - 0:0.

From the players who were taking part in a match of the first circle, nowadays as a part of the Nikolaev club there were only Artem Okhrimenko and Faramaz Veliyev. At "Dnepr" such football players - eleven, including 37 - summer Yury Gritsyna who in the last championship of the Soviet Union held in Kiev "Dynamo" of 10 games and hammered one ball.

On the eve of a match in Cherkassy the action of football fans in support of "Dnepr" as the team in connection with a difficult financial position is going to be removed from the championship took place. City authorities and areas at the expense of the budgets don't may contain club as it is private structure.

Participants of the action sent letters to the governor of the Cherkassk area, the president of federation of soccer of Ukraine Grigory Surkis and the president of UEFA Michel Platini in whom ask to give help to a favorite team.


8Fast walker3Goncharenko
15Gritsyna16Komyagin (82')
19Faty6Gorobets (76')
1823Moszkowski of Udovichenko1215144181019Bobko Chaus Shimko Lilyk Mozhaev (76') Krivoruchko (82') Voytsekhovsky
The head coach -
The senior trainer -
Mikhail KALITA

On May 9, Cherkassy, Tsentralny stadium, +24о, 1500 viewers.
Arbitrators:C. Birch (Kiev), R. Kiselyov (Sumy), N. Zaytsev (Nikopol). S. Shlonchak (Cherkassy).
Delegate of FFU:A. Gordiyenko (Dnepropetrovsk).
Preventions:Hlaponin (44'), Veliyev (55').

Already on 3-й to minute Belous punched in near "nine", but the goalkeeper transferred a ball to the angular. Owners managed to answer adequately only in ten minutes when Lensky checked a bar of gate of IFC "Nikolaev" on durability.

As a whole game took place rather interestingly, both parties in defense didn't sit out, but their actions in the closing stage of attacks didn't have enough sharpness, and to players of skill. Nikolayevets the most active had the right flank where Belous played. Dovzhik and Rotan were noticeable. At "Dnepr" the Fast walker and the Racer were allocated.

On 29-й to minute after giving from an angular mark Zhorov punched wide of the mark. A minute later in the same situation I didn't get to a goal mouth of Goncharenko. In reciprocal attack of owners of Cholariya struck away blow of the Fast walker. Then during a small period Veliyev punched over a crossbeam, and Dovzhik not far from a rack.

On 40-й to minute the Nikolaev goalkeeper Cholariya, prevented to strike well-aimed blow to the Racer who has left with it in private caused a stir again. Before the termination of a time I managed to show skill and the goalkeeper of "Dnepr" Korostyshevsy who was striking away blow of Komyagin from the penalty line.
After a break some time the attention of the audience was paid chained not to events in the field, and on tribunes. At first the smoke tumbled down from sector which was occupied by fans of "Dnepr", then - the pyrotechnics indulged Nikolaev "corsairs". But when police officers tried to deal with visitors fans, local fans, having run on racetracks not one ten meters, came to nikolayevets to the rescue. As a result some of them were detained and incident were is settled.

In the second time Zhorov's gun blow from a penalty was remembered. The ball flew by in meter over a crossbeam and pleased also the scene built for a concert of Nastya Kamenskikh and Potap. As a result details fell off it. A bit later when performing the next penalties of Rotan also I punched above gate, and Komyagin - in "wall".

On 77-й to minute having received transfer from Komyagin, Rotan tried to hit the target from an acute angle - the goalkeeper returned a ball in the field. In other episode Korostyshevsky defended gate after Veliyev's blow a bottom. Shortly before a final whistle of the arbitrator the goalkeeper of "Dnepr" in an acrobatic jump struck away Dovzhik's blow, and then Zhorov.

Player of a match

According to the version "Nikolaev news", Timur Cholariya became the best player of a match in IFC "Nikolaev". 17- the summer goalkeeper who for the first time has left in the field in an official duel, acted surely and in a number of episodes defended gate from, apparently, inevitable heads.

Review of round

28-й round
On May 9 (Saturday)

CSKA - V.'s field -2:1
T field. - FC of Korosten -+:-
Dynamo - Khmelnytsky - the Arsenal -0:0
Bukovina - Unity -1:0
Carpathians-2 - Veres -1:2
Bastion - Nafky -1:1
Reigning-2 - Obolon-2 -- :-

The match between CSKA and Vinnytsia "Field" became central. In the middle of the first time after Pozdeev's blow owners came forward. Closer to Bondarenko's break I evened the score. The victorious ball on 72-й was hammered to minute by Babich. As a result soldiers traded in standings places with the Arsenal" which remains the only team, in not lost spring of any match - four prizes and two draw.

Losing series at "Unity" - five defeats in a row and "the Carpathians-2" - four were tightened.


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