The rights of disabled people in Nikolayevshchina are constantly violated – the prosecutor's office of area took this question under the control

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The problem of protection of disabled people in Ukraine is of particular importance in connection with the continuous growth of their quantity in the general structure of the population. For the last five years the number of children - disabled people who are most socially unprotected category of citizens, considerably increased in our area, reports a press - service of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.

In order that disabled people could exercise fully the rights, bodies of prosecutor's office of area during 2008-2009 carried out inspections of implementation of laws concerning disabled people. For last and current years in the sphere of social security of disabled people 4 criminal cases are brought, 212 documents of public prosecutor's reaction by results of which consideration 23 officials are attracted to responsibility are brought and over 420 thousand UAH

are compensated

But, not in view of the taken measures of public prosecutor's reaction, violation of laws in the sphere of social protection of disabled people have rather widespread character, and, as a result, the rights of disabled people of rather housing, pension and medical support, preferential journey in transport and so forth are violated.

For example, executive authorities didn't create appropriate conditions for easy access of disabled people to objects of infrastructure. From 5 600 objects only 5 433 are equipped with ramps which don't meet the requirements of the legislation.

Public prosecutor's checks testify to a violation of the law from managements of social protection of the population when providing disabled people with technical and other means of rehabilitation, at implementation of compensation payments on gasoline, repair and maintenance of cars, on transport service and sanatorno - resort treatment. Such violations are revealed in Snigirevsky, Kazankovsky areas, and also, in Central and Leninsk the districts of Nikolaev.

Unfortunately, also housing rights of disabled people are violated, abuses when using the funds allocated for repair of housing of disabled people are allowed. Voznesensky the prosecutor brought two criminal cases on signs of the crimes provided by Art. 191 and p.1 of Art. 366 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The losses put to the state, are compensated in full.

The prosecutor's office of the Ship area recorded also violations of the right of disabled people on employment. Bodies of prosecutor's office of area in 2008 made 10 claims about collecting penalties and a penalty fee from some state enterprises for non-performance of the standard of workplaces for employment of disabled people from whom 6 claims were satisfied and 80 thousand UAH

are compensated

In the sphere of medical care also take violation place. In Nikolaevsk the area only 4, 71 UAH is allocated for treatment of one child - the disabled person from the local budget a year. In Voznesensk - 9, 69 UAH a year. Thus, money wasn't allocated with the local budget of Voznesensk. Voznesensky the interdistrict prosecutor brought instructions to Voznesensky to the city chairman and the head Voznesenskaya of the district state administration.

Bodies and establishments of education don't provide realization of the rights of children - disabled people on education. Only 3393 children aged till 18 years are on the accounting of department of education whereas the total of children - disabled people in area makes 4635.

Vysheprivedennyy the facts testifies that prevalence of violations of the law in activity of bodies of the state executive power and local government in respect of observance of the rights of disabled people obliges bodies of prosecutor's office of area to raise level of supervision of implementation of the legislation in this sphere of public prosecutor's activity.


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