The Interior Minister Yu.Lutsenko resigned

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko asks the Verkhovna Rada to vote for his resignation. It during meeting of a coordination board was declared by the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin, the correspondent of RBC - Ukraine reports.

"I ask you to consider a question of my resignation and I ask to consider this statement without my presence soon", - V. Litvin read Yu.Lutsenko's statement. "Considering limited time, I ask to consider this question the relevant committees and, obviously, there has to be a government position", - he told.

Yu.Lutsenko declared that the parliamentary opposition and the Secretariat of the president used "household incident" at the airport of Frankfurt for its political prosecution. In such situation it doesn't find it possible to work further at a position of the minister and hopes that today the Verkhovna Rada will satisfy his resignation.

Yu.Lutsenko added that his lawyers prepare the claim for the German newspaper Bild for "inveracious and overwound" information concerning incident which happened on May 4 of this year in Germany. The minister noted that the Ukrainian mass media reprinted information of the German mass media "with the notes". At the same time Yu.Lutsenko recognized that took alcohol at the airport of Frankfurt. "We have dinner... I drank a beer glass", - he told.

According to Yu.Lutsenko, the German police extremely roughly treated with the Ukrainian delegation, in particular his son, having applied concerning it power receptions. Besides, the police refused to grant Yu.Lutsenko's request to carry out the test for alcohol of members of delegation. At the same time the minister reported that the management of the Frankfurt police helped to allow this incident, having offered Yu.Lutsenko or to address to the German prosecutor, or to accept apologies of the German police officers. Yu.Lutsenko chose the second option, and were apologized.

The Verkhovna Rada plans to consider a question of resignation of the Interior Minister after obtaining the relevant documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Probably, it will take place already at today's evening meeting at 16:00.

The readiness to vote against resignation already declared WELL fractions - NANOSECOND and BYuT. In particular the leader WELL - NANOSECOND Nikolay Martynenko emphasized that it is impossible to dismiss the minister only on the basis of publications in "yellow press". In turn the vice-chairman of BYuT fraction Andrey Kozhemyakin emphasized that Ukraine still didn't receive any information in this connection the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany was reprimanded by the German party.

We will remind, earlier German mass media distributed information that Yu.Lutsenko together with 19 - the summer son Alexander was spent on May 4 by some hours in a site of police of the airport of Frankfurt am Main after them in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication detained after collision with law enforcement officers. The reason of a fight I began to pass refusal of representatives of airline aboard the plane drunk passengers. Also it was reported that during collisions four police officers were traumatized.

However, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs earlier declared that information widespread in the German mass media isn't true. Similar statements were made also by representatives of "National self-defense" which leader is Yu.Lutsenko. The minister didn't make comments earlier on an event.

This incident caused the extremely negative reaction in representatives of opposition party of regions which demanded immediate resignation of the minister. And today regionals blocked a parliament tribune, demanding immediate consideration of the matter. "The Party of Regions blocks a parliament tribune because our colleagues don't want to consider a question on Yu.Lutsenko's resignation. PR will insist on consideration of this question and the positive decision on it. We will demand positive decision, instead of formal consideration", - the People's Deputy from PR Alexander Efremov told.

In turn the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko addressed to the prime minister - to the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko with a request in two-day time to organize the corresponding investigation. V. Yushchenko also charged to the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Handogy to request official information on this occasion in embassy of the Federal republic Germany in Ukraine.


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