In the Victory Day to an elderly couple robbers were with a bunch of flowers and demanded from old men … 50 thousand hryvnias!

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On May 8, on the eve of a national holiday of the Victory, inShip areathere was an assault on pensioners in their own apartment, reports sector on public relations of NSU of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine inNikolaevareas.

70- the summer pensioner opened a door to two strangers, previously having had a look in "peephole" and having seen men standing at a door with a bunch of flowers.

And those, having stepped over a threshold, pulled on the heads black masks and began to demand from the pensioner...50 thousand hryvnias.That amazed with the events, tried to explain that such money in the house never was, but the robbers who were off "to commit criminal act" on aiming, were sure of the return.

Say, old men sold recently the house. Nobody sold any house, but criminals wished to know nothing.

Having tied hands to the husband of the old woman, they continued to find out, where money? Then the pensioner gave them one thousand hryvnias and the mobile phone if only those didn't touch the old man.

After leaving of robbers she called in militia which spent for searches of robbers two days.

Eventually they were detained. They were 32 - the summer man, the inhabitantYuzhnoukrainsk,earlier three times the offender for narcodealership and thefts, and 22 - the summer guy concerning whom in Leninsk RO even before the last incident wascriminal case according to Art. 309 ("Storage of narcotic substances") is brought.

Now they should answeraccording to Art. 187 ч.3,which sanctions prescribe punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of up to12 years.


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