Oak grove of the Ukrainian policy

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Or marasmus of the Ukrainian policy

As - that in the plane to me was necessary to come back from Moscow.
The mood was magnificent, all affairs in the capital solved.
And neighbors - two gallant colonels - all flight entertained me different cheerful stories from the army life. One of colonels was very sharp on language. Almost in each offer at it sliped rough, and sometimes and obscene words.
And his colleague of such words didn't use, but, wishing to give a negative assessment to someone, he used only two words - "an oak grove". These two words to me were remembered.
As by the way they will be in a published material.

At first I want to quote Alexander Bozhko's which was issued on the Internet last week the publication.

By definition of classics, - this author writes, - marasmus (from Greek marasmos - exhaustion, fading) is almost full fading of mental activity of the person owing to a cerebral cortex atrophy; memory loss, organism exhaustion with gradual fading of all vital processes. From the psychiatric point of view marasmus - deep weak-mindedness when losing contact with environment and a total disappearance of human interests.
In marasmus only food and sexual instincts remain.
At marasmus there are sharp psychoses in the form of consciousness violations which are accompanied by nonsense and hallucinations. If to approach to a question with scientifically - the practical point of view, it is possible to formulate that marasmus is: loss (partial or full) memories; weak-mindedness, i.e. impossibility really to estimate an existing situation or intelligibly to explain the position, the relation to a real situation; aggression manifestation to environment, society, the subject or a full depression.
Having seen before itself accurately formulated symptoms of a disease, I suddenly realized that all these lines are inherent in subjects and the persons personifying today the Supreme power in Ukraine! "
Bitingly, isn't that so?

Promises of the candidate Yushchenko

In confirmation of the words the political scientist Alexander Blazhko gives interesting arguments.
Judge for yourself.Unless the high-ranking officials have no marasmus?
We will track it on concrete examples!
When Victor Yushchenko ran for presidency of Ukraine, from his lips many promises sounded. After three and a half years we can state: the present guarantor didn't manage to execute practically any.
On January 23, 2005 before many thousands meeting of the people on Yushchenko's Maidan promised: "All will be equal before the law", "we will have the moral power, capable to unite society", "fruits of economic growth become available to all", "we will destroy corruption system in the country", etc. It is a question that Victor Andreevich constantly sets tasks of which nobody carries out and about which he systematically forgets. Symptom of marasmus! And as to you the veto of the president on the law on extension of the moratorium on sale of land which contradicts Yushchenko's election pledges.
I remember, on October 5, 2004 the candidate for president Yushchenko in the address to peasants declared:

"I will win elections and in the very first days as the president I will sign the law on extension of the moratorium on earth purchase and sale. Together with you we won't allow an oligarchical crime to buying up of country lands for nothing! "

Yushchenko's other ardent words are forgotten also:
"The earth is the last that at peasants remained! "

What forced the president to forget about election pledges and powers of authority to protect polarly other position?

I remember, acting on May 18, 2008 in the Bykovnyansky wood, ex-the communist sir Yushchenko promised to take out a conviction final and not subject to the appeal to the Soviet past declared by it by a continuous chain of crimes against the people of Ukraine.
The president reported that will demand from the Verkhovna Rada to adopt three bills which considers urgent.

In - the first, about elimination of symbols of "totalitarianism" (that is a socialist era when Ukraine was included in ten the most advanced countries of the world, instead of I broke world records on poverty and corruption level as today).

In - the second, about legal status "fighters for independence" (read: Hitlerite helpers).

In - the third, about criminal prosecution of those who is faithful to the historical truth and hunger of 1932-1933 by genocide doesn't agree to recognize.

It is paradoxical, but the fact:the head of state, rolled down on the last place in Europe on duration and the standard of living, choking in a stranglehold of the inflation, corroded by squabbles in the ruling coalition, forgotten that such legality and justice, doesn't see for itself more actual task, than war with monuments.
There is a natural question: in what the reason of the president seeming to inadequate behavior?

The answer is simple.
It is full marasmus! Mocking at the past, Yushchenko wants to hide results of the criminal policy which is called anti-Ukrainian even by his long-term allies, to establish in our country a totalitarian nationalist mode - a yushchenkovshchina.

And here already deputies of the Lvov regional council accept the address in which demand to cancel the Victory Day.
Followers of the agent of an abver by nickname Grey - Stepan Bandera made the decision to declare 2008 year of Bandera.

The sheer marasmus!

Or, for example, a classical type of marasmus in the person of sir Lutsenko. After the appointment to the post of the minister, answering a question concerning reality of disclosure of business on Yushchenko's poisoning, Lutsenko declared:

"Absolutely. I know who transported the poison through border, what deputy accompanied it, what official transferred this poison who mixed it with food to a place of commission of crime - all this is known".

After Lutsenko declared:

"The new version in case of Victor Yushchenko's poisoning - about participation of a gang of Maryanchuk in it is now fulfilled also".

Today he speaks:

"I won't make comments on what I don't know, I have no office and not office information concerning poisoning... To build guesses in practice which has nation-wide weight, I don't gather".

Obvious marasmus! Marasmus soars and in offices of the Ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine which joined those government bodies which perform a task on full replacement of Russian from all spheres of public and state life.

Press - the service of Ministry of Transport declared that soon service of passengers on transport, stations and at the airports of Ukraine will be carried out only in Ukrainian.Evident marasmus!

And unless not marasmus moves thoughts of the priest - the dissenter Philaret?
"Head" of UPTs - KP Philaret allowed possibility of transition of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy on a Gregorian calendar!

"The orthodox people yet don't maintain new style in church. But it doesn't mean that in the future the same people won't pass to new style", - Philaret told.

It turns out, what orthodox Ukraine will celebrate Catholic Easter?

The forgotten promises of Lady Yu

Has marasmus and madam Tymoshenko.
I won't remind you Tymoshenko's outstanding promises of the conscription termination since January 1, 2008, of deprivation of all privileges of deputies and other officials, of fight against corruption, of full return of the monetary savings stolen from the people, etc. And unless not it is possible to call marasmus creation of initiative group on Yushchenko's promotion on Nobel Peace Prize?
Initiators suggest everyone to send letters to the Nobel committee with this offer.

Especially as the president of Ukraine is perceived in the world as the politician who tries to kill idea of a brotherhood of the Slavic people.
That it in every possible way develops the myth about Famine-Genocide, rejects any attempts to give to Russian though any official status, orders to duplicate all movies, including Russian-speaking, on Ukrainian.

Today Yushchenko, without having asked the people, in every way pushes Ukraine in NATO embraces.
Last "trick" of the president at all strikes with the recklessness. It is a question of celebration of Konotopsky fight.

Yushchenko blinded by any unclear rage to Russia, to Slavic peoples, Orthodoxy and everything that is connected with them, starts separating East Ukraine from Western more and more. He can't understand that its peculiar treatment of history can turn back split of its country.

Marasmus is available!

It is known that ranks of the coalition were left solemnly by deputies from WELL - NANOSECOND and BYuT.
From now on formally the majority exists, and actually - voices don't suffice. And ahead, at least, the next parliamentary crisis, as a maximum - collapse of present deals. But the head of the presidential Secretariat of Baloga is sure that reasons for concern aren't present, after all the coalition agreement works until the majority will be not left by one of fractions.
The similar optimistical point of view is shared also by the president.
The majority isn't present, and the coalition is!

Well, unless it not marasmus?

Dear readers!
And you don't face marasmus of officials at the level of local government?

Yes almost daily.

I think that you can give hundreds examples of manifestation of marasmus in area, the area, the city and in the settlements. Pomaranchevy marasmus is not only preservation at the subject of only food and sexual instinct, it is dictatorship of oligarchs, it is the actual loss of the sovereignty, it is war not only with the past, but also future. We will hope, time will come, Ukraine will come round and will clean the corridors of power from marasmic sect of "Orangemen".

Also it is necessary to all of them, they want or not, to appear before the people court, before history court.
Now, dear readers, try to belong to read philosophically. And to imagine not marasmus of our politicians, and an oak grove in which it is cool in pathetic summer day and it isn't cold in day ice cold.

That the political scientist Bozhko considers that as marasmus, probably, it will be better possible to be perceived near words an oak grove.

Vitaly Shlyapnikov


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