From the car of the lieutenant colonel of SBU stole 40 thousand euros, 11 thousand dollars and gold

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The interesting case occurred in Kiev: from the Suzuki Grandee Vitara car of the deputy chief of department of central office of SBU the decent sum and values disappeared.

The lieutenant colonel parked at Head department "A" on Big Vasilkovskaya and left on affairs, and having returned, found lack of a portfolio with 40 thousand euros, $11 thousand, and also jewelry. The victim declared loss in militia.

Sources in intelligence service confirm the fact, declaring that unknown stole a portfolio through the broken glass - there is a video filming of events. Office investigation is entrusted to officers of internal security and militia. On one of versions, contents of a portfolio were certain compensation for the damage caused in road accident. On another, personal savings on apartment purchase, on the third - marked specialstructure currency and the values intended for operation on exposure of a certain state official.

"But suddenly it will appear that money has a criminal trace, and their origin the lieutenant colonel won't be able to explain, it was gone, and money too", - allows a source.

In "Alpha" where the security officer works, reported that the fact is checked.


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