"I to it stopped by in an ugly face" - the brawler called "joke" the conflict to the South Ukrainian GAI officers

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One of the brawlers detained in Yuzhnoukrainsk declared that wanted «to joke» over inspectors of GAI, also I hit one of them allegedly for defense.

Reported about it in the State traffic inspectorate in the Nikolaev area.

Earlier it was reported that on the night of March 12 driver «Mercedes-Benz Vito» on one of gas station in Voznesensk of bosses of fuel for the sum of 1 thousand 400 hryvnias and, without having paid off, I went towards Yuzhnoukrainsk. On a post the car stopped GAI, but the driver and her passengers aggressively behaved concerning the inspector and to volume it was necessary to calm down them a precautionary shot from the gun and. 

So, in the updated version of events from GAI it is claimed that the driver of the minibus and two his passengers became angry when stopped them, and started being expressed obscenely to inspectors.

«While passengers continued to shout at one of inspectors, the driver from words decided to pass to business - having pushed the second traffic inspector in a breast, he tried to get into the car and to leave a scene. The militiaman took measures to prevent, but the young man struck him some facers. After that the employee of GAI got organic firearms and warned about possibility of its application, but it didn't work on offenders. Moreover, the driver of the car, having reduced distance to the inspector, even I tried to touch the weapon and to select him. Therefore only the precautionary shot could calm them» up, - it is specified in the message of GAI.

At the driver of the minibus which attacked the employee Gosavtoinspektsii in blood revealed 0,5 per milles of alcohol (easy degree of intoxication–PN).

- Making a start from that at institute I studied psychology, I understand behavior of the person a little. The person was–in so small passion here it caught such malefactors, fir-trees - sticks. He not пулял on the left and to the right, he started aiming on us the gun and something to us tried to order…everything tried to be reduced to a joke. If the person without sense of humour, is its personal problems. 

- There was an attempt to move down on that children joked. Anything malicious wasn't.Yes, I admit the guilt that I attacked…well I didn't attack, I simply defended…Yes, I am wreckage, I agree. Yes, I to it stopped by in an ugly face, - the driver whom on video designate «speaksDenis Ivanovich».

He also claims that at gas station  «children decided to joke» and owner of gas station allegedly «their some companion».

The father of the owner of the car tells that the staff of gas station confirmed the version of GAI. At first brawlers began to look for as if the lost cash card, and therefore got into the car and left, without having paid off.

On this fact prime investigative actions proceed. Concerning the driver made the pravnarusheniyakh for driving in an alcohol intoxication adminmateriat as regards 1 article 130 of the Code of Ukraine about the adminsitrativnykh. Concerning the owner of the minibus materials, but already for driving transfer to the person which was in a state of intoxication too were made.

Вадим Богданов

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