Head Nikolaev "National self-defense" Sergey Burnazakin: "Ukraine didn't learn to protect the citizens abroad"

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Incident round the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko became the hottest topic of the last two weeks which "is sucked round" by the majority of the Ukrainian mass media.

We will remind that on May 6 the German newspaper "Bild" I distributed information that the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko carried out a floor of day to Frankfurt am Main airport polices after him in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication detained after skirmish with militiamen.

After emergence of this message against the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine the real information war was developed. The most hard and principled stand was taken by representatives of Party of Regions. They demand resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" addressed to the head of the State Duma Nikolaev regional organization "National self-defense" to Sergey Burnazakin with a request to comment on everything that now occurs round Yu. Lutsenko's figure.

"That separate political forces organized, giving comments concerning "moral" of an act of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko, and their action in parliament with a decanter, a peak-cap and posters - precisely show can't call", - Sergey Burnazakin declared.

According to him, for anybody not a secret that in the countries of Europe concern Ukrainians, softly to tell, "disrespectfully".

"Us there perceive as illegal immigrants who arrived to their country in job searches. The most awful is that heads of our country didn't learn to defend the right of the compatriots. And, probably, they also don't want it to do?

If you trace similar information, for certain, you know that in mass media there was a message on detention a border service of Russia of the first deputy chairman of Association of Ukrainians of Russia of the citizen of Ukraine Yury Kononenko. Without any explanations the border service of Russia didn't allow it entrance on the territory of the Russian Federation. And he constantly lives in Moscow since 1961. This case is one more evident demonstration of vulnerability of our compatriots before willfulness of guards of the foreign states.

Annoyingly to state, but officials of Ukraine didn't find in themselves courage to raise in front of Russia at least a question of the reasons of a ban of entrance to the Russian Federation to the person who was the cofounder of Library of the Ukrainian literature in Moscow.

As for the conflict at the German airport, I on all hundred am convinced that tension line in this conflict lies only in the household plane. And that some political forces try to play on it, - is simple on simply indicator of their moral qualities.

If at Yu. Lutsenko on a badge it would be specified that it, say, the Minister of Internal Affairs of one of EU countries or "the big seven", the conflict a priori couldn't happen. In our case played the same disrespect for Ukrainians about which we already spoke. For them we - the Third World country, and on instructing tell employees of the airports that the third world - the third grade. And they so us also treats when take up watch. Many remember the recent fact of ill-treatment from the German police in relation to the Ukrainian workers - transitors from whom by inadequate way their earned cash was confiscated, and they are humiliated. Remember a case which happened to one of brothers Klitschko when during customs control the same Germans convicted it of "smuggling". These are links of one chain...

Unfortunately, the similar attitude towards citizens of Ukraine is any more accident, and a tendency. And unless Minister of Internal Affairs not citizen of Ukraine? Ourselves are guilty that to us such relation. We didn't acquire the elementary rule of history of diplomacy: respect stronger. Also it isn't worth a pin for that state system in which sloppiness and nonprofessionalism of the stewardess or the clerk of airline will allow to carry out political punishment over the Ukrainian minister.

Yury Lutsenko in this all situation with artificially exaggerated scandal moved himself as the real man and the statesman who worries about the future of the country. He wrote a resignation to protect the country from the next political shocks. I think, both Cabinet of Ministers, and the Verkhovna Rada, having received official documents, will be able to understand a situation. There is a question to opposition - that, nothing to be engaged more, except how to arrange show? What, in the country there are no problems which need to be solved together? And the answer is very simple - fear of adherence to principles of Yu. Lutsenko in that serious work which he does, - fight against corruption.This fear also forces to arrange similar shows and to hope that the person who can be operated will come to its place.

I am convinced that such cases will occur until the structures, urged to protect interests of the Ukrainian citizens abroad, will be engaged, first of all, in collecting a compromising evidence on Ukrainians and its use in political interests of a certain circle of people", - the head of the Nikolaev regional organization "National Self-defense" declared.


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