The swindler who according to documents of pensioners received financial support on a funeral

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Staff of Sosnitsky regional department of internal affairs of the Chernigov area detained the swindler who enticed at pensioners private papers for further registration and receiving the state social help allegedly on their funeral. About it reported in the Center of public relations of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chernigov area.

The malefactor gave out himself for the employee of bodies of social security. He promised pensioners increase of pensions and handed over a package with a grocery set.

In militia the veteran of one of the area villages which wife gave the passport of the husband to the malefactor addressed. The swindler was detained in regional office of the Pension fund when he tried to process documents for receiving the help to a funeral of the veteran.

It became clear, this person had the medical certificate about death absolutely other person which changed with use of portable copy office equipment. The swindler received the blank form with the press and the signature of the doctor, however without information on really died person in which entered necessary data. From the reference followed that allegedly the veteran died not at home, and in the neighboring Koryukovsky area when stayed with the nephew as whom the malefactor was called.
Police officers found out that the suspect of fraud is earlier repeatedly judged both in Ukraine, and in Russia.

The detainee doesn't deny participation in fraud. He confessed that he had to get money thus only twice.
At the same time, according to information of law enforcement agencies, the frauds made on the similar scenario, were registered in the Mensky area three times. Of militia suspect that the man managed to make these frauds also in the Shchorsky area, in the regional center, and it is possible, and outside the Chernigov area.


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