Yury Lutsenko: Us watched at the airport!

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In Frankfurt watched flying away of the Ukrainian delegation to Seoul, he "admitted to the Newspaper... "

Yury Lutsenko, already discharged of a position of the minister, on the Friday show "Schuster Live" I looked upset.Yury LutsenkoI apologized, I assured that itself I paid for an onkooperation of the son, I admitted a remembrance to Germans of "Hitler Youth". And even I promised to descend on the next reception in Embassy of Germany in Kiev.

On a board of the justificatory speechYury LutsenkoI took out all Ukrainians ever offended by foreign police officers and customs. It appears,Yury Lutsenkowill protect now ours заробитчан not only from an arbitrariness of foreign security officers, but also from helplessness of own embassies. The public on show accepted Lutsenko's arguments, and opponents - ridiculed.

Which - that will clear a court session in Lutsenko's claim to the Bild newspaper which first meeting will take place on Tuesday. But while things are being decided, the chief militiaman in the eyes loses support of colleagues: the boxer Vitaly Klitschko, also injured at the Frankfurt airport, scarified behavior of the minister.

And on Saturday the political council "our Ukraine" urged deputies to vote for Lutsenko's resignation - the "orange" commander and the first number "our Ukraine" at parliamentary elections of 2007 if who doesn't remember the biography of the minister.

- Yury Vitalyevich, in all this business is some dark stains. They say that at the Borispol airport you split a vodka bottle.

- Yes there was no vodka in "Borispol"! I drank tea and coffee with the first secretary of embassy and the ambassador of Korea in Ukraine!

- They are ready to confirm it?

- So learn in embassy! If frankly, me the Korean ambassador already called and suggested to confirm that I drank nothing in "Borispol". But I refused. Listen how me, the Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs, the ambassador of Korea in the territory of Ukraine will protect? It would be ганьба!

- And how in general "Bild" learned about incident at the airport of Frankfurt am Main? The German journalists said "To the newspaper on - Kiev" that information on incident was "merged" by sources in Lufthansa airline.

- "Bildu" reported the Ukrainian correspondent who received information from the secretariat of the president.In turn, the secretariat was informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and to it - Embassy of Ukraine in Germany. The journalist, without having received information confirmation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, I addressed, obviously, to the acquaintances in the yellow German press. For the second day of stay in Frankfurt when already departed to Korea, saw the person with the professional camera, fixing our flying away. And already then I understood that there was a leak.

- Who this journalist?

- I wouldn't want to call its surname. It works in the Internet - the edition.

- The role of the singer Ruslana isn't clear also. She saw this conflict and how it appeared by the same plane, as you?

- Ruslan was as a part of delegation - it was invited by the Korean party, but it passed aboard the plane earlier.

- It left, having learned about the conflict? And why a press - the secretary of the singer in the comment "On - Kiev" told the newspaper, what it flied on clip shootings?

- I don't think that Ruslan should entangle - she sat in the plane and saw nothing. She saw our dinner, but not the conflict to the German police.

- A lot of things would be cleared by video. Alexander Efremov, the head of procedural committee of Rada, claimed that video exists.

- Let will show - I am interested in video - on it it will be accurately visible that the first the violence was shown by the German police officers. And I interfered only when they roughly detained my operated son. I from regionals hear some days: films and documents already in Ukraine.

Even there was a statement that Germany saw such horror that, God forbid, will see in Ukraine. I call to Germany and I ask: what there such terrible showed? It appeared, on TV showed the conflicts to the Italian, French and Polish politicians at the airports. I ask: and I? And about me - words.

- Next week will vote for your resignation?

- I am not ready to tell - I don't know. I wrote the application at the transit airport, without counting possibility of resignation. I am not so guilty to answer is criminal or resignation. But the opposition will escalate a situation. And if my resignation - the price of stabilization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the government - I am ready. And if tell that the bases aren't present, so I will pull this plow further. Though, frankly speaking, it was already tortured.

(On air of the Schuster Live programYury LutsenkoI claimed:its resignation doesn't mean coalition disorder, and on a quota of "National self-defense" Gennady Moskal will apply for a post of the minister. -Bus).

- And what do you think of what the regional Boris Kolesnikov didn't fight nearly with the leader of communists Pyotr Simonenko? Pier, communists support you out of respect for your father...

- Emotions read off scale from all directions. The position of communists seems to me more weighed - they want to wait for documents and conclusions of commission of inquiry. As for the father, there was a period when we with Pyotr Nikolaevich for years were at enmity and didn't greet at all.

- And Kolesnikov?

- Kolesnikov has an offense - and he has on this right. I on its place would calm down long ago. That get up with Penchuk (Boris Penchuk I accused Kolesnikov of extortion. - Bus), it is for the first time unprecedented in Ukraine. Eight years, on - to mine give Penchuka for inveracious certificates, it is wrong. I so never would make.

- After everything, what happened, you for Donetsk "Miner" or will support German "Werder" in the UEFA Cup?

- It is the only positive - I will put on an orange t-shirt and I will support the Ukrainian team - Donetsk "Miner".

- And you the truth in a depression?

- Yes, it is the truth. I and wrote the application in such state, and the last two days didn't meet the deputies. I was suppressed and didn't see an exit when I hear apologies from land police, and right there the federal police disproves it. When on the black speak white when nobody the truth interests, and all only dig in health of the son.

- In a family discussed this incident? How you support each other?

- I don't know how it to transfer in words - after all it there was not a conversation, and views. Sasha will be never quiet when me attack - the word or business, and I won't be quiet when my son will beat at me in the eyes. We have very close relations, and I am sorry that the son got involved in this unpleasant incident. But also it, and I behaved with advantage, and, probably, this basic that we took out from this history.


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