In Nikolaev the militia for the third time closed business upon threats to journalists "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"

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Alexander Kiryanov (on the right on a photo)
The investigator of Investigative department of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Gertsun closed criminal proceedings upon threats of the resident of Nikolaev Alexander Kiryanov to journalists  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» To Andrey Lokhmatov and Anatoly Chubachenko, opened according to p.1 Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine ( «Hindrance of lawful professional activity of journalists» ). 

The corresponding resolution was received by Andrey Lokhmatov on Monday, March 30. 

We will remind, in the night of July 10, 2013 on registration of driving of the car «Range Rover» the drunk driver at the intersection of streets Pushkin and Shevchenko in Nikolaev journalists Lokhmatov and Chubachenko carried out a photo and video filming of the events, as Alexander Kiryanov, at that time «combatant» at executive committee of the Nikolaev city council, having been drunk obviously, I became to threaten them with physical violence.

It is known that these criminal proceedings were already closed by investigators twice–every time for various reasons and to arguments. For the second time business was closed still on August 7 the current year by the investigator of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs of Nikolaev Alexander Slobodyan, however he didn't begin to report about it to journalists, and it became known of it only on November 19. On December 1 Andrey Lokhmatov made the complaint to the resolution on closing of criminal proceedings in court, however there at first it wasn't succeeded to consider the complaint–neither investigator, nor procedural head from the Central prosecutor's office of Nikolaev Victoria Prilepskaya couldn't bring to the judge production materials as they it isn't known where.

However as a result production nevertheless where - that was found, and on December 19 the prosecutor of the Central district of the city of Nikolaev Sergey Lugovsky cancelled resolution of the investigator Slobodyan on closing of production. 

The case was submitted the investigator of Investigative department of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs Alexander Gertsun.Anatoly Chubachenko was once again interrogated, and also for the third time journalists provided to video consequence from a place of events. As a result of Chubachenko translated from the status of the witness who was injured in the status as, according to the investigator, the conflict happened at Andrey Lokhmatov to Alexander Kiryanov. 

As a result the criminal proceedings were closed for the third time, and for this purpose the investigator had the reasons and arguments not similar to arguments of his colleagues which were engaged in this business to it.

So, in the resolution on closing of criminal proceedings it is noted that Andrey Lokhmatov collected confidential information on a scene.

«From materials of criminal proceedings it is established that Kiryanov started threatening the correspondent the Internet - editions  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» After the last started seeing off Lokhmatova shooting Kiryanova, without receiving on it consent of the last. It agrees p.1 Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine   «About access to public information» it is necessary to consider that information received by the correspondent the Internet - editions  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» Lokhmatov during Kiryanov's shooting is confidential» , - it is noted in the resolution. 

Further the investigator brings some more norms with which reasons the decision on closing of criminal proceedings on the basis of collecting by Lokhmatov confidential information on Kiryanov. 

It should be noted that journalists  «Crime. Is NOT PRESENT» carried out shooting not personally of Kiryanov as the investigator notes, and event places. 

It is remarkable that it already the fifth investigator in these criminal proceedings and for the first time the dissatisfied party was notified on its closing. 

Анатолий Чубаченко

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