On 226 million hryvnias nikolayevets bought alcohol in four months of this year

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Today the public tax administration in the Nikolaev area carried out a round table on the subject "Fight against Illicit Trafficking in Excisable Production". All receipts which were provided in city budgets and the countries exceeded indicators of the same period of last year.

Interestingly,that in four months of this year by the Nikolaev consumers it was bought alcoholic products on 226 million hryvnias.

Tax police this yearI revealed 46 crimes, 44 from which make heavy and especially serious crimes.It is excited19 criminal cases for an amount of damage of 1 million UAHThe quantity of the crimes connected with production of forged alcoholic beverages from raw materials which is life-threatening also human health increased.

By the staff of tax service are carried outspecial operations "Excise" and "Barrier", prepares special operation "Resort".

- Most often forged alcoholic drinks are on sale in stalls and as in places where it is possible to buy them on flood, - the chief of Regional government of Department of control over production and a turn of alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products GNA of Ukraine in the Nikolaev areatoldAlexander Zatolokin.

Supermarkets most often value image and the brand, checks of their wholesale warehouses and warehouse (except retail goods) don't show frequent cases of a fake of alcoholic beverages. Though, it is simpler to them "to hide" traces of the actions, considers the deputy chief of the Nikolaev regional management concerning the rights of consumersIrina Tsigan:

- According to the legislation when we plan check, we have to warn in 10 days the owner of a point of sale about it. If we make check according to the address of citizens, we can come without the prevention. But in supermarkets the suspicious goods often make movement on a network of this shop.

The tax administration successfully combats with"the konvertatsionny centers" and fictitious firms,which serve as the instrument of illegal formation of the tax credit on the VAT, gross expenses and the facts of evasion of taxes connected with it, including criminal character.

By the way, despite of 12-step protectionnew tax stampsalcoholic beverages on which the duty sum,is specifiedalready there are cases and their fakes.


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