In the Crimea bossed... toilet swindler

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The other day the staff of the Crimean militia detained the original swindler who fraudulently took control of things of passengers at the railway station of Simferopol. The criminal lady committed crimes within a year, reports "The new Region".

The detainee - the inhabitant of one of villages of the Belogorsky area and mother of four children who too sometimes participated in her operations, took some bags, filled them for volume paper and empty boxes, decently put on and appeared at the Simferopol station. With itself 45 - fading the lady I took the juvenile child. Possessing good artistic data, it represented from herself the naive hurrying passenger.

Having calculated lonely, but by sight the wealthy citizen or the citizen, the swindler with bags and the child flopped nearby, was interested at the potential victim in a route. Having heard the answer, the criminal joyfully declared that goes there. Between "fellow travelers" easy conversation was started. In a few minutes the woman sharply felt desire to descend in a toilet. Having grabbed "sore kidneys", the swindler asked the fellow traveler to look after the things and ran away on need with the child or without it.

For a train waiting time the criminal could to four - five times to leave to the ladies' room. Before the departure of the train the inveterate visitor of a toilet recommended strongly to the fellow traveler to cast excess liquid too: pier, from Simferopol to Jankoi - a sanitary zone, and on this interval of the road all toilets in trains are closed.

Arguments of the swindler looked very convincingly. Potential victims asked the lady to look after their things and were removed in an institution. Having returned from a toilet, travelers couldn't find neither baggage, nor the young woman with the child. On a place there were only its bags as subsequently it became clear, filled by stuff.

Some victims so hurried that left home without baggage, and some addressed in militia, after all damage scales quite often made 10-20 thousand hryvnias. The swindler long didn't manage to be detained. The lady got to militia in the center of Simferopol when tried to withdraw in the ATM money from the stolen card.Concerning the criminal criminal case is brought, there is a consequence.


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