Holiday communications: "on the left" you will go - you will get to a clinic, to the right - selling love...

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Many dangers trap the holiday-maker on this, apparently, hozheny track: "on the left" you will go - you will get to a clinic, to the right - selling love as a poison, and directly - the little girl something is absolutely clumsy... But many all the same go. Considering a duty to warn and as - that to orient travelers, we decided to tell how affairs about sex - the industry in the well-known health resorts of the former USSR are, and also in popular foreign resorts.

Crimea: welcome to "Sosulka cooperative!

In the Crimea the first prostitutes meet tourists already for some hundred kilometers to the coast: on routes, in trains of the Crimean direction and directly at gate of "an all-Union health resort" - at the Simferopol railway station which in the people call "Sosulka cooperative. Here women of easy virtue provide the quickest intim - services - mainly oral sex in a booth of a man's toilet or behind trade booths.

Sex - customer service in the Simferopol hotels "Moscow" and "Ukraine" is debugged from Soviet period. At "mother" controlling girls, "contract" with maids, the porter, door-keepers, waiters who at the right time prompt to clients that doesn't suffice to them for entire happiness is paid. In hotels on the coast - Yalta, Alushta, Evpatoria - souteneurs ring wealthy clients numbers.

"Fairies from bar" work not only in known drinkable points, but also on open summer areas. In this case the souteneur too is engaged in search of clients and negotiations with them. According to data of Protection department of health of Simferopol, as of May 1, 2001 in the Crimea 4782 persons with HIV - an infection of which 11 percent make prostitutes are registered.

How much prostitutes?

"Locomotive" (train) - 20 - 30 dollars; "humeral" (automobile) - 5 - 10 dollars;"Sosulka cooperative (the station in Simferopol) - 1 - 2 dollar; in hotels: "girls" - 30 dollars for an hour, 100 - 150 dollars in a night; "boys" - 50 - 60 dollars for an hour, 200 - 300 dollars in a night; bars, restaurants, sex in the car provided by "firm", - 30 dollars for an hour, 50 dollars in two hours; in "massage salons" - 25 - 30 dollars for an hour, 100 dollars in a night.


"The love - it is raspberry, when without clonidine... "

Sometimes under the guise of banal prostitutes experienced ugolovnitsa who pour clonidine in a shot glass of the client disappear, and then plunder. Quite often in resorts boss and the organized groups. The scheme of their actions is simple: the pseudo-prostitute agrees with the client, conducts him on the apartment (however, business can end in the next dark gate) where her accomplices undress the poor fellow to a thread. But already without any sensuality. Can beat.

Law enforcement agencies don't exclude that, as in the current season popular resorts will be flooded by any swindlers. Therefore sexually anxious from among potential vacationers it will be useful to remember some good advice:
professional prostitutes unlike swindlers always call at once the price for the services;
if the nice girl agrees to oversleep with you "on love" only hour later after acquaintance, it has to guard (if you aren't shows - a star, not the millionaire and not Casanova);
having remained alone with the unfamiliar lady, try to drink nothing. If without alcohol in any way, drink only that bought. Also don't leave the room when the alcohol is already poured on glasses.

Sochi: always it is possible to rely on the Black Sea pebble

According to the Sochi militia, 90 percent of all prostitutes working in the city - visitors. Recently very unusual prostitute from Voronezh - the intellectual, two higher educations, language skills was detained. She told militiamen that recently returned from business trip abroad - served in Yugoslavia the contingent of peacekeeping forces. Quite often to Sochi come попутанить girls from quite well-founded and safe capital families. And even husbands bring the spouses on earnings.

In Sochi there is no such sex - points where prostitutes are built by ranks and columns waiting for clients. Unless station square, but there путанят priestesses of free love of the lowest manner.Prostitutes trade in mediocre hotels, the most cool little girls - in luxurious hotels more expensive and more presentably.

Most often prostitutes in Sochi order by phone through the firms masking under "leisure" and "massage".

One souteneur few times drove the girls on medical examinations, but then decided that you shouldn't be spent for it: all complex of analyses on one person costs 72 rubles. And in vain: soon someone from the infected clients strongly beat the careless owner of a brothel.

Among venzabolevaniye in Sochi clamidiosis and mycoplasmosis, on the second place - syphilis traditionally are in the lead. But all "bouquet" is quite often diagnosed.

How much prostitutes?

At stations: 100 - 200 rubles; in hotels "sredney ruki" - 300 - 500 rubles for an hour; in elite hotels - 100 dollars for an hour; in "massage salons" - the first hour - 400 - 500 rubles, for everyone the subsequent - the tariff decreases;
call of the prostitute to the areas of the coast remote from the center - to 1500 rubles.


The act the first can become the last!

Sex and venereal diseases are alas unseparable. Going on appointment to the unfamiliar resort girlfriend, and also to the prostitute, перво - наперво stock up with condoms (it concerns also women). If didn't make it, then you watch closely a condition of the organism and at the first symptoms of a venzabolevaniye run to the doctor.

And these symptoms are that.

men have purulent allocations from an urethra, gripes at an urination, at the end of an urination the blood droplet is allocated;
women have yellow foamy liquid allocations with an unpleasant smell, burning and a skin itch.
Symptoms appear on 7 - 14-й day after infection.

men have purulent allocations from an urethra, gripes at an urination, frequent desires to an urination;
women have purulent allocations, weight in the bottom of a stomach, gripes and burning at an urination.
Symptoms usually appear in 3 - 4 days.

Genital herpes:
emergence of one or several painful bubbles then bursting and turning into yazvochka, on genitals, buttocks, an internal surface of hips, on the arches of feet, fever, head or muscular pains.
Vysypaniya usually appear on 1 - 2-й day after infection or later.
If the illness overtook you far from medical aid stations, at all don't self-medicate.The only thing that it is possible to make, is not later than in two hours after the act to process genitals the miramistiny.


On the street there is a prostitute of years 16. The man approaches:
- The girl and if your mother learns, what you here stand?
- It will kill me! It is its territory.

From the militia protocol:
"On Friday evening in office the prostitute was delivered. 12 police officers" are excited.

The prostitute looks in a window of the stopped car: "Hello... and we have for you a good news... new tariff... "Youth"... first fifteen seconds free of charge".

The client in a brothel:
- Hello, you have girls?
- No.
- And though somebody is?
- Is. Dachshund - 200 dollars.
- The devil with you, give a dachshund.

Turkey: paradise for unsatisfied blondes

So it developed that behind sex women go to Turkey mainly. The rating of "hot Turkish guys" among our ladies is very high. Turks and really are glad to try: the country Muslim, illegitimate sex with compatriots is almost excluded, prostitutes cost much, and here such happiness from Russia every summer приваливает!

Therefore if you are blond and you go to have a rest to Turkey one, be ready to more than persistent attention. Men should count on "the Turkish exotic" less. Unless in brothels: in Turkey prostitution exists absolutely lawfully. Prostitutes have to receive the certificate, regularly make tests on AIDS and venzabolevaniye and to work only in the licensed brothel. However, those it is a little - to all Turkey "legal" prostitutes, according to the Turkish government, a little more than two thousand. It is much more "nelegalok" - generally from the former USSR.

Venereal diseases in their environment blossom magnificent color. So, according to official figures, with clamidiosis 14,5 percent of unregistered "girls" and 12 percent "licensed" are sick.

How much prostitutes?
"Legal" - 100 dollars and above; "illegal" from the CIS - 30 - 50 dollars.

Spain: it is possible to feel, it is impossible to bargain

Now the market sex - services in Spain endures lifting. Most often "institutions" hide under the sign Club (club). The atmosphere - free: it is possible to take a look at "girls" and if there is no desire to continue the program, to be removed simply.And here you shouldn't bargain - it is necessary to talk already to the bouncer. Prostitutes, as a rule, Latin Americans, but meet Frenchwomen and actually Spaniards, and also Ukrainians and Russians.

Recently in the large cities appeared and topless - bars - one more disguised option of a brothel. To check to the touch, whether the bust at the attracted waitress is elastic, it is possible free of charge.

Street prostitution also is very developed, but you shouldn't risk - a lot of AIDS.

How much prostitutes?

Street prostitutes - 10 - 30 dollars;
"club" - 80 dollars for half an hour;
men (for women) - from 100 dollars and above.


In many countries of the world on June 2 prostitutes celebrate the professional holiday. This tradition already about a quarter of the century. We don't know, the right whom this day it is better to congratulate (and whether costs in general? ). But, considering a duty to notice any professional holiday, just in case we congratulate: with Day of prostitution you!


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