Nikolaev Ubopovtsa revenged for Yu. Lutsenko. The channel of supply of drugs from Germany to Ukraine

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As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the other day in Nikolaev the staff of the international departmentThe Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area together with employees GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukrainespecial operation during which the illicit channel of delivery to the territory of Ukraine of heavy and narcotic psychotropic drugs (amphetamines entering group) from the territorywas blocked was carried outGermany.

During special operation in the city of Nikolaev employees the Organized Crime Control Department carried out expeditious purchase of psychotropic substance which on a slang of addicts has the name"hair dryer".

In total, when carrying out special operation the Nikolaev militiamen withdrew near1 kg. phenomenon, which drug dealers planned to sell in the Nikolaev night clubs. The total cost of the narcotic substance withdrawn during this purchase makesmore than 85 thousand UAH.

The illicit channel of supply of drugs to Ukraine was adjusted by the native of the Republic of Kazakhstan,36- summer citizen of Germany.

During special operation in which the staff of special forcesparticipated alsoOrganized Crime Control Department "Falcon", besides the organizer of the channel, it was detained also it 24 - a summer podelnitsa - the citizen of Ukraine.

It was not the only expeditious purchase which has been carried out for the purpose of overlapping of this channel of drugs.

By words a press - the secretary GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of UkraineElena Melnik, as a result of special operation during which some expeditious purchasing of narcotic substance was carried out, including cocaine and "ecstasy", it was withdrawn drugs for total amount almost500 thousand UAH.

According to the decision of the Central court of the city of Nikolaev, the drug dealer the preliminary measure of restraint in the form of detention for 2 months is defined, and a podelnitsa let out for recognizance not to leave. Events for search and detention of others involved in activity of the channel of smuggling are held.Criminal case under article 307 of the Criminal code (illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transportation, transfer or sale of drugs, the prikhotropnykh of substances and their analogs) is brought.

In the light of the latest events someone can joke that Nikolaev Ubopovtsa revenged Germany for Yury Lutsenko.

Reference:Phenomenon - powder of a new psychostimulator which call "phenomenon", addicts call its "hair dryer". The chemical containing in this drug, has no relation to widespread in our country in 50-60-x years to medicine which was called fenaminy. "Hair dryer" in practice represents mix of several molecules of various amphetamines with psychotropic medicinal substances. Underground chemical laboratories in Moscow and Sankt - Petersburg synthesize "hair dryer". Its structure all the time the different. Periodically it includes such strong substances, as, for example, a haloperidol.


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