In Odessa region unknown stole and tortured the deputy who carried "aunts" for protection of the power of Yanukovych

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Sergey Shcherbich
The deputy of Kominternovsky regional council of Odessa region Sergey Shcherbich who on recent by-election across Fontanka won a victory, unknown took out to Odessa where kept in the cellar and tortured with flat-nose pliers, demanding to refuse the deputy mandate.

Reports a press about it - service of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

So, in Kominternovsky regional department of militia of Odessa region the application from the 31-summer deputy of Kominternovsky regional council who reported arrived that unknown persons caused it injuries, kidnapped him and took out to Odessa.

It was kept in the cellar and tortured with flat-nose pliers. Thus, malefactors demanded from the deputy that he refused deputy activity and put the mandate of the deputy of regional council.

"It is investigative - task force which left into place, it is established that in March of the current year of the applicant elected the deputy of Kominternovsky regional council, and the meeting where he has to receive the certificate of the deputy has to take place on April 30. Also, law enforcement authorities knew that since March 5, by phone to it threats of physical violence and the requirement to put the deputy mandate" began to arrive, - is told in the message.

Also, law enforcement authorities established that in day of stealing, around 19.00, the man the citizen who suggested to meet near gas station in the village Fontanka called unfamiliar to him. Having arrived to the specified place, the deputy saw five men, three from which he didn't know at all, on two cars «Opel» and «Nissan».

"During conversation, to it suggested to sit down on a back seat of the car «Opel» , then, without its consent, carried in the direction of the village of Aleksandrovka. On the road the man managed to jump out of the car, but I drove up to it «Nissan» and from both cars there were drivers and passengers. Malefactors started beating the applicant and shot at him from the device of traumatic action three times. After that to the victim put on a bag the head and took out to Odessa", - it is told in the message.

In the regional center it was placed, allegedly, to the cellar where, without removing a bag from the head, continued to beat and scoff, using flat-nose pliers. 

"Next night, about three o'clock in the morning, stolen brought out of the cellar on the bus-stop located near Suvorovsky district court of the city of Odessa and removed a bag. Near himself the victim saw the person in a camouflage and a balaclava on the head who continued to demand to refuse deputy activity, threatening, in case of refusal, with physical violence to it and his family", - reports a press - service of the Odessa militia.

Further the applicant was released. He independently arrived home and reported the matter to relatives and in militia.

- On this fact the criminal proceedings on ch.2 are begun with Art. 146 (illegal imprisonment or kidnapping) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. Measures for establishment and detention of the persons involved in commission of the specified criminal offense are taken. For the actions specified in article they are threatened by restriction of freedom for a period of up to five years or imprisonment for the same term, - reported in a press - service of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

At the same time, own source "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", approached to the injured deputy, claims that the victim suspects of commission of this attack of activists of Odessa "Right Sector" and, allegedly, he even recognized in one of attacking the head of this organization Sergey Sternenko. 

- They several times shot at it from the gun. Forced to write it the application for that he resigned the authority of the deputy, - I reported approached to the victim.

The interlocutor also claims that among thieves also there was an activist of the above organization for a name Ruslan who after the incident, went to Kherson.

I confirmed stealing and tortures and Sergey Shcherbich, but here I didn't want to tell any details about the offenders.

- I already everything told militias and I don't want to repeat now it everything and openly to call attacking. I now in hospital and my state now not the best, - declared Sergey Shcherbich, having refused to call in which hospital he is.

In turn, a press - the secretary of Odessa "Right Sector" Varvara Chernoivanenko categorically denies participation of members of "Right Sector" to stealing and tortures of the deputy.

- Our children have no relation to this business, we already with Shabliyenko (a press - the secretary of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Odessa areas Vladimir Shabliyenko, - an edition) communicated, - I declared a press - the secretary of "Right Sector".

Separately It should be noted that Sergey Shcherbich won on by-election in Kominternovsky regional council recently. It is known that Sergey Shcherbich, is the director of Fontansky recreation center and earlier headed the Kominternovsky regional organization of the pro-Russian party "Rodina". Also, according to public men, Sergey Shcherbich went on "Anti-Maidan" for power protection of the power of Yanukovych that is confirmed by video.

We will remind that the staff of the Suvorovsky District Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Odessa, having forged business against the inhabitant of Odessa, employed activists of "Right Sector", that those dealt with it: "public men" broke open a door where the wife of the inhabitant of Odessa with four juvenile children lived

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