The Nikolaev militiamen managed to solve a crime of nine-year prescription

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In 2000 in Lenin regional department the local with the statement that two visually familiar guys, having used physical force addressed, took control of its TV and money.

Militiamen upon a robbery brought criminal case and began investigation. It was at once established that the man got acquainted with suspects on the street then invited them to itself home to a vodka shot glass. The owner so hospitably accepted new acquaintances that one of the invited guests, "having been tired" of such warm welcome, lay down to have a rest. And his companion decided to correct meanwhile the financial position not in absolutely lawful way.

To rob 44 - the summer man who was in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, didn't make for the guest of special difficulties. The owner of the apartment, having received from the malefactor some kicks, I didn't begin to interfere with that 22 - the summer guy took out property from the apartment.

The victim, except names and indistinct will receive appearance the guests, could tell the investigator of nothing. Whom and where to look for? Except fingerprints children didn't leave behind anything.

In the current year militiamen for commission of an administrative offense were come into the view by the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area. Experts finger-printed at it, and samples of papillary patterns sent to the criminalistic center. Criminalists, having checked the man on a database, established that this person is suspected of commission of a robbery of the host on Yuzhnaya St. which took place on November 27, 2000. Criminalists at once reported about this fact to the staff of Lenin regional department of militia, reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

When field investigators arrived to a residence of the malefactor to detain him, to surprise of the owner there were no limits. From the moment of commission of a robbery by it passed 9 years. During this time the victim abusing alcohol, died, and the guy led the life, counting on impunity of acts of the past. But, despite it, the malefactor will be responsible for the committed crime, according to the current legislation.


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