In Nikolayevshchina the jealous brother killed the husband of the sister and forced it to assume fault for murder

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The brother and the sister lived in one of villages of the Domanevsky area. Vladimir still the young man very persistently cared of the younger sister Marina, always her preserved and with everything to her helped. When the girl already grew up and started planning the future, the guy began to feel that life of the sister goes not according to his plans, and for her personal. Marina's wedding became the first occasion to dissonance between the brother and the sister unexpected for it. Vladimir couldn't reconcile to that the sister rather independent and isn't going to live now according to plans of the brother. Since then I passed not one year, Marina lived in marriage and raised children. Everything would be good if the brother constantly didn't interfere with their family relations with the outlooks on life, reports the Center of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

In Marina's family because of such interventions misunderstanding and, eventually, marriage started appearing broke up. Vladimir was delighted to it, after all he again became for the sister the only thing and he again can impose her the subsequent destiny. So some years proceeded, Marina reconciled to that her life goes according to the scenario of the brother. But once she met the man who fell in love with it, and already soon Marina again became the married woman.

This time прийшлось it is good to Vladimir "to work" to disorganize and this idyll, but all attempts to do much harm to a new family of his sister were vain. Sergey (the new man of the sister) understood an ultimate goal of Vladimir and very correctly interfered with it to influence their family relations with Marina. Sergey's quiet and balanced behavior simply drove up the wall her brother. All its attempts to interfere with the relations of spouses with ease were blocked by the man of the sister and practically didn't influence their family life. Sergey's unexpected proposal became a critical point in the relations.Having decided that such situation can't proceed further, he invited Vladimir home that in quiet conversation to find understanding in the relations with the brother of the wife and to convince of absurd of his actions. And occurred. Vladimir came by the invitation, but this conversation didn't go in the benevolent course. Already in a few minutes Vladimir began a fight, unexpectedly in his hands there was a knife which it in a rush of anger stuck into Sergey's breast...

But on it the drama didn't end. Even to arrival of employees of militia to the place of the tragedy Vladimir compelled to assume to Marín responsibility for murder commission. The marine which constantly was under pressure of the brother, believed in history of Vladimir that it as the woman, will be limited to conditional term and assumed at the end all charges. On the same day she was detained by guards and confessed in commission of crime.

However it didn't manage to mislead skilled militiamen. Investigators quickly established details of a picture of those events. Therefore under pressure of Marín's collected proofs it was compelled to tell how events actually developed. Next day the staff of criminal investigation department of Domanevsky regional department of militia detained Vladimir which at the time of detention together with friends already celebrated "victory" over justice. For commission of deliberate murder it is threatened now by the long term of imprisonment.


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