Militiamen found for the thief who stole "the lying police officer" in Nikolaev. The guy who has committed impudent murder

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about enough resonant and funny incident which happened in Nikolaev in the summer of last year.

Many nikolayevets remember an agiotage round installation of the first "lying police officers" in the city. The case with loss of one of such means of fight against a fast driving couldn't remain unnoticed.

We will remind, in the fall of last year the director Nikolaev municipal specialized montazhno - the operational enterprise (KSMEP) Valery TSUKANOV told, that the first cases of loss of "police officers" were even at installation of these limiters of speed. Continually in some places dissatisfied drivers removed in parts "lying police officers", thereby trying to accelerate to itself moving process via the limiter. So, for example, in Matveevk's residential district, on crossing of streets Top and Silicate, someone removed all "the lying police officer" the 6,5 meters in size. There was it in the night of July 18. By the way, established this "police officer" one week prior to loss. And here someone from furious drivers counted such measure of decrease in speed unnecessary or inconvenient...

As it became clear nearly a year later, drivers of "the lying police officer" have no relation to loss. To militiamen, incidentally it was succeeded to find out, with whose help "the speed limiter" was gone.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that the Nikolaev militiamen detained robbers who a shot in the head from a sawn-off shotgun killed the watchman of shop. One of suspects of commission of this crime, during carrying out investigative actions, told militiamen that it he dismantled "the lying police officer" on Silikatnaya Street. The reason of such act 18 - banal - I wanted to earn additionally the summer guy.

The amount of damage put Nikolaev municipal specialized montazhno - to the operational enterprise made near6 thousand UAH. but here who will indemnify this loss remains a riddle.

The guy who dismantled "the lying police officer", possibly yet will appear on freedom soon.


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