Roman Zabzalyuk told about work of commission of inquiry of BP on incident investigation with Yu. Lutsenko

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It is known that incident which happened to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the airport of Frankfurt, investigate at once two commissions of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada. There are questions, whether "investigators" were gnawed through among themselves and whether there is at the country a chance to learn how everything was actually?

One "investigative collective" is headed by violent "regional" (and old антипатикYury Lutsenko)Nestor Shufrich, and activity of another directs нардеп from BYuTRoman Zabzalyuk.The regional committee managed to communicate to the chairman of one of these commissions - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the head of the BYuTNikolaev regional organizationRoman Zabzalyuk.

- Roman Emelyanovich, your commission already held the first meetings?

- By the legislation, the temporary commission of inquiry is obliged to hold the first meeting in three-day time from the date of its creation. And this meeting has to be legitimate in respect of quorum existence. In a case with the commission headed by me such meeting was held, the quorum took place. As for parallel, so-called "alternative" VSK, here I can't provide you any information though I want to emphasize that this commission included the same deputies - and without their consent and without coordination with fractions. In my opinion, this already certain violation of regulations.

However at present the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada signed these resolutions, this his vision of a situation. Our commission works, the plan of its work is approved. According to this plan inquiries in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Office of Public Prosecutor are dispatched, to SBU, by the Ministry of Internal Affairs - to receive the first basic documents in the commission order. Because - I want to emphasize it - it is impossible to consider so important questions, operating only with the materials placed in the Internet - editions. Materials which we use, have to have official character, first of all. Therefore, there has to be VSK address, and in response to this address we will receive documents interesting us from competent structures.

- Whether your commission sent requests to the German party?

- According to the mezhduarodny right and the legislation of Ukraine and considering that between Ukraine and Germany isn't signed agreements on interaction accompanied by criminal law, - after our appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is obliged to solve these questions.

- Your commission already decided on terms in which you intend to draw final conclusions on the done work?

- Again - according to the law and the regulations, in the resolution the maximum term of work of VSK is accurately specified. In our resolution on creation of temporary commission of inquiry on incident which happened at the airport of Frankfurt am Main, term in three months is determined. It, of course, doesn't mean that at VSK this term tied hands, it has the right to make the preliminary report much earlier - in case all materials are collected, and conclusions - are drawn. Discussing this question at the first meeting, we aimed throughout the first two - three weeks already to make the preliminary report - but, again - being guided exclusively by materials which VSK will receive in the order.

- Roman Emelyanovich, by your words, you are negative to that on incident in Frankfurt am Main are created and two commissions work at once. At the same time, they are allocated with equal powers. However, there is such point of view: the commission, which is headed by you (as the representative of ruling coalition), will screen Lutsenko, VSK under the leadership of Shufrich - on the contrary, "to heat". Whether these commissions each other in carried-out work can prevent?

- It is really legislative collision because by the law again - it is written out: it is impossible to create two VSK on the same question. Because in their work there will be roughnesses and difficulties. Well, for example, imagine: to the Minister of Foreign Affairs two identical requests for receiving such - that information arrive. And what opinion there will be a minister about the Verkhovna Rada? Agree, at such situation in any measure to be undermined the authority of parliament.

But time was created such precedent, and the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada signed both resolutions, we have to find now mutual understanding and coordinate our work - not to look a laughing-stock in the opinion of persons involved on business and the ministries to which we will address.

And concerning objectivity. In - the first, the decision in the commission one person as we had pleasure shouldn't make to observe in a case since - zhyThe theological.Same the person - an orchestra: one carried out studying of the materials, one wrote the resolution and personally it read! These are inadmissible things! No, there has to be a quota meeting, on it there has to be a majority of members of the commission. Further there is a vote according to the draft of the resolution, and through vote the final decision is already made.

- Your commission already defined those key documents (or perhaps, the questions posed) which become basic in definition of a total position by you?

- If to answer your question it is squeezed, it is unambiguously necessary to try to receive information and materials from all persons involved in this conflict. Then it will be possible to pass the objective and correct decision. That is to communicate and to the German party, and to our party, and to persons involved on both sides of the conflict. We also will aspire to it.

- You plan departures to Germany to communicate to persons involved with the German party - stewardesses, the police officer and so forth?

- We considered this opportunity, but once again I speak: People's Deputies - and the more so in such important issues - shouldn't allow legal nihilism. It is simple to leave and to conduct there the investigation our representative has no right, it will be private conversation which can't be put to case papers. Such actions have to happen in an official order. The official order is that we already made: the first address sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will plan further communication with the German party. But only after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will carry out the corresponding work.

- And how to be with Shufrich's commission? You at the same time are also the member of his commission. Whether there were you at meeting of other VSK?

- Listen, you too are the member of this commission.

- I? ! Why?

- And why I have to be there?

- Simply any person can visit the website of the Verkhovna Rada and study there lists of both VSK in the matter of Lutsenko. According to these lists, you head one commission and you are the member another …

- … You personally asked, whether you want to be in VSK? No. And someone asked me? How it is possible to take and just like that, forcibly, to write down the deputy - and right there to speak about democracy and legality? !

- But you communicate with members of the commission, and the majority of them enter and Shufrich's VSK. They participate in its work? Or your commission, turns out, - basic?

- Well, if to adhere to a provision of the law, our commission - basic. Because at it there are representatives and Party of Regions, and other fractions which are delegated by the official document for work in this commission and were present at the first meeting. But I don't want to call into question objectivityShufrich. I normally treat it, but it seems to me that in this situation he latentno became the hostage of purely political ambitions which are contrary to elementary norms - even such as VSK formation.

- We will return to your VSK. It already met g - Lutsenko's number?

- We planned a meeting withYury Vitalyevich Lutsenkoonly when we will have basic materials. By our preliminary plan, invitationLutsenkoon meeting of the commission will take place in a week.

- You already received any replies to the requests which sent to the state structures listed by you?

- Unfortunately, no because passed only four days.


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