Having killed "bottle", nikolayevets remembered who cut it, only when militiamen caught the drinking companion

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As practice shows, days off come to an end successfully not for all. In any case, 34 - summer nikolayevets could feel it on own skin. Sunday evening didn't promise it special troubles - met evident 22 - the summer acquaintance, sat down with it on a summer platform of a cafe "24 hours" on Hersonskoye Highway, bought alcohol. It would seem, anything such. But, as showed an event further, he could confirm on itself(himself) old truth - it is necessary to drink intelligently.

When both acquaintances, so to speak, killed already simply "bottle", between them as it not seldom happens, there was a quarrel. Verbal sparring quickly enough developed into a fight during which at 22 - the summer guy in hands there was a knife by which the snack was quite recently cut.

I came to 34 - the summer victim already in BSMP office where him and delivered from a place of fight not only with knife wound, but also in an alcoholic coma. By the way, physicians were called appeared at the time of a fight not nearby by the employee of hospital of an emergency medical service.

Considering quantity drunk, there was nothing surprising that the man absolutely remembered nothing an event. And it is difficult to understand, than it was guided when wrote the application in militia only 10 days later.

During the carried out it is investigative - prompt actions militiamen nevertheless managed to detain 22 - the summer violent drinking companion who is now in a temporary detention center. It is remarkable that the victim at all didn't remember with whom he spent that ill-fated evening for itself(himself), and especially, couldn't remember who cut it.

As militiamen found out that the detainee already was judged twice for hooliganism. Besides, so far at it "conditional term didn't end".


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