In Nikolaev shestikratno the judged bum beat a metal pipe of the drinking companion who drank up vodka without it

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As we reported earlier, 65 - the summer pensioner declared in militia that a few days ago on the street Nikolsky his metal pipe the unknown beat. According to TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area, the pensioner has damages of average weight - the hip is broken.

As told "to Crime. There is no acting chief of sector" on public relations of the Nikolaev city police station Oksana Choubina, both participants of a fight - bums. Together they drank alcoholic drinks when to one of them - 48 - to the summer man - "was impatient on - маленькомку". It departed. At this time the pensioner, having used absence of the drinking companion, I drank up the remains of vodka and I left. 48- the summer bum, having returned and having seen that "companion", "precious liquid" isn't present, rushed to look for "loss". It found the pensioner. Having learned that vodka any more didn't remain and that the drinking companion drank up everything, the bum literally flew into a rage. It found a metal stick and snatched on the pensioner. To people passing by who tried to interfere, the furious bum promised "to teach a good lesson" also them. When the pensioner fainted, the forward disappeared from a place. The benefit, by there passed the employee of BSMP. It rendered to the victim first aid, called an ambulance and militia.

Today 48 - the summer bum is detained. He is accused according to Art. 122 p.1 - deliberate drawing damages of average weight, that is deliberate damage which isn't life-threatening, but such which entailed long frustration of health or considerable permanent loss of working capacity less as on one third; it is punished by corrective works for a period of up to two years or freedom restriction for a period of up to three years, or imprisonment for a period of up to three years.

The detainee more than once broke the law - he was condemned six times for robberies, thefts, sale of drugs. Shortly before this incident the man was released from imprisonment places.


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