The murderer of a family of the doctor of "Slavic clinic" is condemned for life

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On June 1 the chairman of judicial board of appellate court in the Nikolaev area Elena Ivchenko announced a sentence to the defendant of V. according to whom that for Vasily and Tamara Shevchik's murder for the rest of the natural will spend behind bars.

Confused look condemned, tears of mother, it всхлип: "Sonny! ", click of handcuffs behind the back directly in a court hall.

It, however, has an opportunity to address in a month from the date of announcement of a sentence to address in Board of trial chamber of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, but probability of mitigation of punishment the representative of state charge in vessels of the Nikolaev area Vasily Omelyan considers very low:

- The bases for possible claims from condemned that any moments proving his innocence, were insufficiently carefully studied by court, no.

The prosecutor is sure that the consequence was held professionally, and V.'s attempts to shift the fault to former "accomplice" - are insolvent.

As it was already reported earlier, on November 11, 2008 in the apartment Vasily Shevchik and his wife Tamara were brutally cut one of founders of "Slavic clinic".

Murder was committed from mercenary motives. Literally the day before Vasily Shevchik sold the apartment in Dnepropetrovsk for which gained 87 thousand dollars.

Very well his former driver and the security guard knew of it. As a result of a robbery from the apartment were gone not only money, but also jewelry, gold coins for the sum more than 140 thousand UAH

On suspicion in murder it was without delay detained 28 - summer Aziz V. who and in deeds a crime confessed, and I gave out in hands to a consequence a hiding place with the stolen.

However subsequently V.'s defendant had a version that to a crime it has no participation, and the fault capture on itself was caused only by threats of safety of a family from unknown people.

However the wife of his companion Alexander R. to which family as if also threatened with punishment in case of non-obedience, claims about lack of all threats, and the husband right after that evening when he reported to her about Aziz's arrest, she any more didn't see.

As appears from the indictment, the court critically treated the V. declared to defendants of the version about commission of murder by the unknown person when it left behind replenishment of alcoholic beverages in shop.

Total absence of any proofs of the similar version can speak only about desire to leave from punishment for deeds.

Besides and the V.'s wife confirmed that that jumpsuit in which there was then Aziz, she any more didn't see. As if the husband left it in the car of the partner Alexander R., and then as - that was forgotten.

But this episode very logically fits into an outline of charge according to which murderers got rid of crime proofs - something threw out to the river, something burned.

And the evidences given by Aziz V. during a pretrial investigation accurately prove awareness on details of a bloody slaughter in the apartment down the street Karl Liebknecht, 2.

Proceeding from validity of the crime committed by Aziz V., his acts are qualified by Art. 187, ч.4 and Art. 115, ч.2, software 1-6 Criminal codes of Ukraine. Having considered all pros and cons" court I counted necessary to apply the maximum punishments under these articles that in total made lifelong serving of punishment in imprisonment places with confiscation of all personal property.

Besides the court satisfied the claim of the daughter of the killed Vasily and Tamara Shevchik about material (284,9 thousand UAH) and moral compensation (300 thousand UAH).

Within a month the defendant has the right to appeal with the cassation to the Supreme court. And the former companion, the partner in business and "accomplice" Alexander R., is put on the wanted list. If, of course, still is whom to search.

Here such history about hopes to correct the hard financial position. Now juvenile children unless according to the photo yes on personal appointments (if resolve) will be able to see the father Aziz. And to Irina Shevchik not to see the parents any more never …


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