In Kiyevshchina caught the sexual maniac: 11 rapes and murders

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Last Friday in Kiev region the man who is exposed in commission of 11 rapes and murders in the region territory from 2006 to 2009 was detained.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Vladimir EVDOKIMOV reported about it today at a briefing in Kiev.

According to him, now this 35 - the summer man is actively checked on participation to 30 crimes (to robberies and rapes) on which already for 90% there are proofs, and will be checked on participation in even more than 100 crimes.

As V. EVDOKIMOV told, for disclosure of these crimes the huge number of police officers and technical means was involved, more than 10 thousand people were checked on possible participation in these crimes, hundreds thousands vehicles on which the criminal could move are checked, 654 blood samplings are carried out to establish DNA, and was for the first time applied technical ноу - Hau which will be introduced further for disclosure of other types of crimes.

According to him, victims of the maniac - the woman from 18 to 70 years. Four of women who were raped, managed to survive as they didn't show resistance. Two of them already identified it.

Besides, all collected proofs, including expert, specify that the detainee was involved in these murders and rapes.

As V. EVDOKIMOV noted, among initial versions there was that could commit these crimes or the forest warden, or someone from the military personnel as near places where bodies of women were found, there are military units.

According to V. EVDOKIMOV, "today, working over the detainee, we see that he wouldn't stop. At the same time, thanks to professionalism of employees of militia, unlike maniacs known earlier, criminal activity of it was stopped in the most probably short terms".

Besides, as the deputy minister noted, during search of the suspect any person wasn't illegally detained and wasn't made from police officers of any illegal actions.

As reported Century.EVDOKIMOV detained in 2002 was condemned for a robbery of the woman in Kiev, but conditionally ahead of schedule released when before the termination of term of the punishment determined by court, it still had 8 months.

In turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury LUTSENKO focused attention that this crime is solved by "intellectual analytical work".

The minister noted: "We deal with the sexual maniac who wouldn't stop".

According to Yu.LUTsENKO, a series of these crimes - one of the most resonant, disturbing law enforcement agencies in recent years. For disclosure of crimes all forces of the Kiev Central board of militia, the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kiev region, central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were involved. As the minister noted, the volume of business makes 148 volumes.

At the same time, I told Yu.LUTsENKO, it isn't excluded that there are still victims who for one reason or another didn't address in militia therefore them ask to address in law-enforcement bodies.

Considering the work volume which was made for crime disclosure, the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in particular personally the minister, today handed over the awards, valuable presents, the next ranks to a number of employees who took part in detention of the malefactor.


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