At an exhibition of children's drawings and pictures the attention of the Nikolaev mayor was drawn most of all by decorative small bottles

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Today, in Children's Day, in city showroom the exhibition of children's drawings and pictures opened. Age of artists - from five to 14, all of them are engaged in Akvarel studio. The studio surpasses age of the most senior her pupil in age - the studio is 15 years old, and from all deserved nurseries available in Nikolaev and teenage art studios it is possible to call it the oldest.

On an exhibition the mayor Vladimir Chaika (his attention was drawn most of all by decorative small bottles), officials of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and the deputy of regional council Margarita Chernenko - the principal No. 38 on the basis of whom young "aquarellists" are engaged welcomed.

The range the technician in which children performed the works, is very diverse - a monotipiya, a gratografiya, graphics, etc. Works are performed by a water color, gouache, a pastel, wax pieces of chalk and other means. Many works comprise collage elements.

The head of Akvarel studio Tatyana Sorokina says that with children is engaged every day, except Sunday and Monday, for two hours. One group consists of ten people. There are even two five-year-old girls whom Tatyana Aksentyevna considers as already enough skilled artists as with her they are engaged two years.

T. Sorokina considers that present time is the heaviest first of all for youth. Information which the youth receives "from the outside", most often goes it it isn't good. In such conditions the child can "get confused, go to a cellar". But children who are keen on useful and favourite business, never will go on cellars, won't seek consolation in smoking, alcohol and drugs.

Such "creative" occupation rescues the child from excessive hobby for television, the Internet and other "inventions" of progress. Though quite often these sources of information can help children with their creative development.For example, the child sometimes brings any pictures, the graphic elements which downloaded from the Internet or have been cut out from magazines in studio, and asks that from this it is possible to make as it is possible сколлажировать or to redraw.

- If in the child there is a creative vein, nothing will prevent him. Even the computer, - Tatyana Sorokina speaks.

- While I have forces, I won't throw children, - the head of "Water color" continues. - Because it is my life. I grew up from studio... On hobby it became my profession.

Profession it became and still can become for her many pupils. After all, as Tatyana Avsentyevna claims, in 15 years of existence of "water color" through this studio "passed" over 800 people. Many of them became professional artists and designers.

But T. Sorokina is convinced that "the studio shouldn't direct professionally - the studio has to teach to love art, to occupy the child in his free time, to carry away that he wasn't engaged in something bad".

Possibility of holding further exhibitions will depend on how the hall will be paid. For example, this time it and her pupils very much were helped by a municipal government for a family, children and youth which brought payment to city showroom.

The artist and to the principal No. 38 M. Chernenko who "separated a piece of a corridor" is grateful and gave part of a utility room that to kids was where to be engaged...

It managed to us to communicate and from one of pupils Tatyana Aksentyevna - 14 - summer Marina Kirnitskaya. Now she studies at school No. 64, passed into the ninth class. In Akvarel studio I started being engaged in 11 years.

- Since the childhood I got used to draw, I have very big inclination to it, - Marina speaks. - I simply very much like to draw. Also I want to connect the future with it. Since the childhood there was a dream to become the designer. I want it to carry out.

On a question why as means for creation of the works I chose a pastel and gouache, answers:

- Everything looks, as the present. It is possible to show that you see.

She goes in for the fine arts because "there are many prospects", "there is an opportunity to prove to be to the city, the friends", "rise in the opinion of the friends, teachers".

The marine finds it difficult to answer a question, what is the time it is required to it to perform one work. It is possible in two days, it is possible for three, she speaks.Least of all time occupies gouache, and most of all time is demanded by a pastel...

During a ceremonial opening of an exhibition the mayor told that presently children need to be protected every day. And Margarita Chernenko noted that such people as Tatyana Sorokina, introduce in children's souls more spirituality which so doesn't suffice to modern generation.

Further participants of action "exchanged" diplomas and praises...

At an exhibition quite solid number of works - 230, apart from hand-made articles is presented.


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