In the territory peyzazhno - steppe Nikolaev area the second Chernobyl prepares? !

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In our democratic state there is a lot of recently...

... the subject of fight against corruption and plundering of public funds when carrying out government procurements is discussed. But in reality this fight has populist character and at best switchmen are made responsible.

There is a special wish to pay attention to the facts of plundering of the state money in the sphere of nuclear power as in this case it is caused not only material damage to the state, but also real danger of receiving the second Chernobyl accident is created.

For example, is in Yuzhnoukrainsk Nikolaev area notorious It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant as this station in the last two years doesn't descend from pages of mass media. The reason of it is that since January, 2007 to the present the director general of this nuclear power plant is Kim Vissarion Vladimirovich who practically created the organized criminal group which was engaged in plunder of funds of this enterprise. A part of group were and other officials It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, including the deputy director general Ilatovsky A.O.

The scheme of plunder was developed very simple, and in it Kim V. V. involved JSC Energomash (Kiev) which nominal director and the only worker in one person was the citizen Lukyanenko A.V. This firm had no neither the room, nor warehouses, neither contracts - representations with manufacturers, nor money on balance.

In 2007 It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant the state allocated considerable funds for purchase of details of pipelines and fittings for carrying out repair and reconstructive work on power units. Kim V. V. solved these means to dispose on the, having transferred them into accounts of JSC Energomash (Kiev) as advance payment for delivery of details of pipelines and fittings for needs of the nuclear power plant allegedly productions of JSC VTF JSC Belenergomash (Belgorod, Russia) and JSC Baltpromarmatura (of Sankt - Petersburg). It should be noted that these two enterprises never were producers of the equipment for nuclear power plants and had no licenses for conducting such activity, and all participants of this swindle were perfectly informed on it.

In pursuance of this plan, and with the purpose to avoid the open auction, Kim V. V. during March - May, 2007 organized 6 purchases of details of pipelines and fittings at JSC Energomash (Kiev) on purchase procedure at one participant, having motivated it with that except JSC VTF JSC Belenergomash i JSC Baltpromarmatura drugikh proizvoditeley etogo oborudovaniya net, perechisliv na raschyotnye scheta JSC Energomash (Kiev) more than 38 million hryvnias as advance payment which after their converting in cash, were returned to participants of group.

As a result of JSC Energomash (Kiev) was put in 2007 by the rusty and unsuitable equipment for the operation, made in 1983-1992 of JSC Energomash (Belgorod) and JSC Znamya truda of I.I. Leps, or an unknown origin according to counterfeit documents which was accepted on the nuclear power plant, and is partially established on power units including directly in safety systems that according to the conclusion of experts could lead the Southern Bug to technogenic catastrophes and emission of radiation water in the river. Also owing to purchase of counterfeit production and non-delivery of JSC Energomash (Kiev) of a significant amount of the necessary equipment in 2007 reconstructive works on the power unit of N1 of the nuclear power plant which were necessary for replacement developed the service lives weren't carried out. These works aren't performed so far.

In March, 2009 criminal case concerning Kim V. V. was brought and his accomplices upon plunder of money by them Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in especially large sizes. Charge of commission of this crime was brought to it and other persons.

Because Kim V. V. practically discredited himself as the head of the nuclear power plant, the question in NAEK "Energoatom" about appointment as the new director general of this nuclear power plant of Bilyk Boris Ivanovich who to Kim V. V. already headed this enterprise was almost solved. Many employees of NAEK "Energoatom" also It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant know Bilyk B. I. as professional in the field of nuclear power and very decent person, and yours faithfully respond about him. Bilyk B. I. I had to guide at last - that an order at the nuclear power plant, but faces not interested in that corruption schemes of plundering of money on nuclear object were stopped, took anticipatory measures.

In particular Kim V. V. together with the deputy Buchk S. P.met in the spring of 2009 in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine the Deputy General prosecutor of Ukraine Kudryavtsev and found worthy arguments of belief it that Kim V. V. simply couldn't know physically that create it subordinated on the nuclear power plant at calculations about JSC Energomash (Kiev), and also that the money transferred to this firm, left not irrevocably, and allegedly for put qualitative production (that rusty scrap metal means that now is on the nuclear power plant, or for that production which wasn't put on the enterprise). Probably methods of belief of Kim were "very reasoned", and as a result of it Kudryavtsev managed to convince the good friend - the chief of Head department GPU Dichakovsky and his subordinate deputy head of department Mukhin who controlled an investigation of case of Kim, that the last good and innocent person who fell a victim of intrigues with a side of his opponents.

As a result, business by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine concerning Kim V. V. was closed in 20-x dates of April, 2009 behind absence in its actions of structure of a crime as, according to prosecutor's office and from Kim V. V. giving, the organizer of all plunders on the nuclear power plant could be only Kim V. V. deputy - Ilatovsky A.O. which together with subordinated boldly deceived the chief, and abusing Kim V. V. trust carried out the frauds with the management of JSC Energomash (Kiev).

On pleasures Kim V. V. urgently recovered (all consequence he was ill) and rolls up in Yuzhnoukrainsk junkets concerning the wonderful rescue, and says that while it has good patrons in prosecutor's office, he has nothing to be afraid.

But didn't pass also month as Kim V. V. again had "to fall ill" urgently. Excitement new criminal case concerning Kim V. V. and his six podelshchik became on May 22, 2009 the reasons of sharp deterioration of a state of health.

Thus, Kudryavtsev, Dichakovsky and Mukhin in the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine again developed rough activity. Prove to the deputy general prosecutor of Ukraine supervising a consequence Pshonke V.P. groundlessness of initiation of legal proceedings, persuade him not to agree on the resolution taken out by the investigator on Kim V. V. discharge from a position of the director general "It is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant".

There is such good saying: The peasant will not cross himself before it begins to thunder.As it is necessary to us such thunders (one thunder was in Chernobyl) that in Ukraine understood that jokes with peace atom and neglect security measures on the nuclear power plant never well come to an end. It is necessary to consider that the insignificant part of the counterfeit equipment of JSC Energomash (Kiev) still is in systems of safety of power units Is southern - the Ukrainian nuclear power plant, and, despite requirements of Committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine, isn't dismantled. Till what time strategic nuclear objects people like Kim V. V. who for the sake of the material welfare are ready to sacrifice our life and health of the Ukrainian citizens will direct? Thus it is necessary to understand that Kim to himself and the family provided comfortable existence and in case of nuclear catastrophe will go abroad quietly to far-away countries, having left our people to rake ruins as a result of accident on the nuclear power plant and to perish from radiation.

Really the slogan of the President of Ukraine "to bandits - prisons" and remains only the slogan, and valorous law enforcement agencies and quietly will observe from outside how the state is plundered?


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