From the ex-the son-in-law Yushchenko stole one million and 40 hours

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In the night from Saturday to Sunday in Kiev attack on 34 - the summer businessman Mikhail Gonchar, the former civil husband of the daughter president Vitalina Yushchenko and the father of the granddaughter head of state Yarina - Dominica was made.

About it on Tuesday the newspaper writesToday with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The potter came back home about three nights one - the security guard asked for leave on private matters. Having entered an entrance, the Potter noticed that the elevator began to rise up, by the sixth floor where he lives also.

As he knew that neighbors were absent (on a platform only two apartments), the Potter pricked up the ears and having waited a cabin below, Mikhail pressed the button of the fifth floor.

Having left the elevator, he saw a floor above at the door of three people in masks and took to the heels. With it caught up, brought down from feet, struck some blows from which he fainted, and took out in any to a forest plantation where demanded to call a code (housing on the alarm system), flat keys took away and the safe, left the Potter and, having threatened to kill if that addresses in militia, again went on Gorodetsky.

In a residence of the victim more than 1,2 million hryvnias, and also 40 import hours which cost is specified disappeared, the father of the victim Igor Gonchar to whom Mikhail who was in a state of shock, hardly phoned about an event declared militias.

At present the Potter - younger is hospitalized. The injuries caused to it while exclude communication with it of the investigators fulfilling some versions of state of emergency.

It agrees one of them, the security guard who has become "tipper-of" of a crime is involved in history. On another - the Potter long ago watched and waited only for an opportunity (attacking, probably, precisely knew that that night houses the Potter will have nobody).

In capital militia head department confirmed the fact, having specified that criminal case, probably, will excite under article a robbery.

"To speak about a reality early - it happened, there were also performances. So everything is necessary well to study", - told there.

Earlier in December, 2006 the Potter was suspected that from a window of its apartment the office office of the deputy from Party of Regions of Yulia Kovalyova was fired.

There was a version that he shot, being in a condition of alcoholic or drug intoxication, however the consequence was soon stopped, and criminal case is closed behind absence of structure of a crime.

Yushchenko officially renounced relationship with Mikhail, having declared that the family of the president "has no relation to this person".

Last year in epicenter of other juicy scandal there was already a father - Igor Gonchar heading Department of control of production and the address of alcohol in GNA of Ukraine - it was convicted of a bribe in $20 thousand. Case still up to the end isn't investigated though the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko assured that it has judicial prospect.


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