What "shines" city traffic lights?

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To the address: 11 Line, 80 is the municipal enterprise ensuring functioning of the Nikolaev traffic lights. Morning for the staff of this enterprise begins with a detour of 84-x traffic light objects, replacement of the lenses broken in a night, straightening of the bent road signs.

"From the broken traffic lights we sometimes take surprising things, - the director of the enterprise Valery Tsukanov tells, getting from the shelf weighty "trophy" - part of a metal ogradka. - Against such even "antivandal" shock-resistant polycarbonate of which now do lenses, won't resist. And once traffic lights were glass …"

Once traffic lights at all were others: the surprising device of an English origin coped manually 140 years ago and had two semaphore wings. Lifted horizontally, they meant a signal "Stop", and 45 degrees lowered at an angle - movement with care. In a night-time the device radiated signals by means of a gas lamp.

Nearly one and a half centuries later at the Ukrainian intersections traffic lights not simply electric, but light-emitting diode flaunt. And some cities - luckies got traffic controlers with a "intellectual" board - they provide to participants of traffic a maximum of necessary information.

In Nikolaev from all intersections only seven traffic lights are equipped with LED radiating elements. Heavy-duty LED modules allow not only to shine several times is brighter than the "lamp" predecessors, but also consume the electric power ten times less. In "The program of introduction of ASUDD for 2008 - 20012" appears: to replace all traffic lights with the light-emitting diode.

Don't meet the modern requirements and the UK-2 controlers installed on a half of the Nikolaev traffic lights. "Veterans" fulfilled 2-3 standard terms and were forbidden by Management of GAI of Ukraine in 1996.Their full withdrawal and replacement are also provided by the same Program, but, in case of breakage, working traffic lights on city highways are necessary now, instead of in 2012 therefore our "svetoforshchik" collect from five old UK-2 one "new" and establish it.

Is absent in the city and the automated control system for traffic (ACST) which introduction in the cities from 100 thousand of population was provided by the Cabinet Resolution ten years ago.

Reduction of quantity of stops of transport at adjustable intersections (to 60%), journey time on highways (for 25%), level of a gas contamination of city streets (for 15-25%) turns out to be consequence of work of ASUDD. By means of ASUDD it is possible to carry out environmental monitoring and to trace the stolen transport. All this is for a long time reality for Kiev, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Chernovtsy, Poltava, Lugansk. For Nikolaev ASUDD - only the project.

There isn't enough in the city and traffic light intersections. Despite that over the last ten years their number with 35-ти grew to 84-x, city GAI recommends to put in addition 20 more. For this purpose it is necessary to look in city treasury of 1 million 600 thousand hryvnias - establishment of one traffic light object costs 80 thousand hryvnias. The sum, besides traffic lights, includes the operating equipment, a cable, a road marking, protections at the intersection.

Wishing to unload the city budget, regional GAI chose already become traditional a way of imposing and this part of municipal services business - to structures. So, for the last one and a half years in the city there were three new traffic light objects and construction of all of three was financed by owners of supermarkets ("METRO Cash&Carry", "Tavriya - In", "Magellan"). This year two more traffic controlers - too at the expense of supermarkets are planned to put.

If with visitors investors contractual system with obligatory point: "the equipment of the nearby intersection traffic light object" works, some local businessmen in every way seek to avoid "obligation". It is obvious therefore around the Kolos market pedestrians still "maneuvre" between cars, reminding size.


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