Crimea criminal: the inner sanctum — "common fund" — goes now on orders, briberies, excuses

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The empire falls when money and the power become at the head of everything, in other words, when the evil and "bucks" win. The similar fate comprehended also once powerful criminal group "Salem". Leaders of this organized criminal group killed each other, knowing that the last will get all. Judging by recent events, it will get also property of "Boots".

Traitors row

Knowing people say that "Salem" began with Havich. However it not absolutely so. Great Crimean "game" Evgeny Havich (nicknames the Kike and Ded) in any measure patronized this organized criminal group, but always remained true to itself and thus went in big authority both at "crowned", and at mobsters. Though get up Ded at the head "Salem" - to be to this criminal group the most powerful mafia clan on the peninsula. But "Salem" wasn't fated to survive: it began collapsing right after death of great "game" - "concepts" were forgotten, and everyone began to pull a blanket on itself(himself). "Salem" started being at war not only with "Boots", but also with itself.

Fish, as we know, starts decaying with the head. In this case rotten in actual fact there were brothers Valery and Oleg Lyubichi - Evgeny Havich's pupils whom he considered almost as sons. As already I wrote "1K", in December, 1995 Lyubichi ordered Ded to become his only heirs. And Havich had a considerable inheritance - Ouch — Petri cooperative, real estate, tens firms, the gambling institution "Casino" and a small organized criminal group which was called as "Casino".

That is interesting, there was at Havich's people the general business with the acquaintance to us Alexander Galkin (this adventurer known in the Crimea most of all became famous for that at the end of 90-x sawed on metal the plane - a monument SILT which stood near Kosmos movie theater). And so, Galkin under Havich's "roof" together with some large Russian enterprises registered firm which planned to be engaged in a catch of fish at coast of New Zealand, and then to realize a catch in local ports.Galkin, as always, had grandiose plans, and, as always, on them all were bought. In a word, in it business - the project money arrived not from a catch of fish, and from "divorce of the Russian suckers" - they unfastened the considerable sum and on expedition equipment, and on rent of the ships. Plus to all this not without Havich's participation and Galkin formed his teams российско - the Crimean firm JSC 777 which dealt with real estate issues. At the same time "777" and some more firms acted as shareholders in construction of the new multi-storey building on Balaklavskaya St. in Simferopol. Besides the Moscow friends enclosed a lot of money in construction, and in 1993 the house was built, and apartments are distributed. The 777 firm got 6 apartments which had to bring in the quite good income. However Galkin wasn't fated to earn: apartments took away Lyubichi from it and sold.

Crime and punishment

After Havich's death got drunk by permissiveness and impunity of Lyubichi began to manage Ded's affairs. They did it together with Anatoly And - to and Boris to B - Mang. It was impossible to call these two neither blood-thirsty bandits, nor honest businessmen - they were something average. With And - to and B - Mang brothers founded some more new firms and the enterprises. So, for example, in 1994 Valery Lyubich together with Sergey Mishak created the Skonto insurance company which director appointed the person Nikolay With - кова (we will return to it later).

However brothers managed not for long - the leader of "Salem" began to apply for inheritance by nickname Funnels. In a year after Havich's murder by seylemovsky killers Lyubichi were shot also. Right after their death the bullet overtook also Anatoly And - to. On the contrary главпочтамта it, running away from the killer, I managed to jump in the trolleybus, however all - I was hit a wound in a back. And here Boris of B - Mang didn't begin to wait for "the lead guest" - he fast ran away abroad. And correctly I made: at the Funnel there were plans for its account. Besides that the B - Mang was the person Lyubichy, so, worked with them at the same time, the leader of "Salem" suspected the terry businessman of "krysyatnichestvo". Boris of B - Mang after Havich and Mishak's murder covered a part of profit from Ded's objects. Besides, the lyubichevsky alliance B - Mang - And - to secretly cooperated with "Boots" - they and important shared information, and the general business as it became clear, had (by the way, and here without mister Galkin didn't do - scamp has a finger in every pie).

One more person - a certain Lev F., former "game" consisted in this alliance. However, much he didn't assume and didn't bury therefore the anger the Funnel passed it. However Leva is afraid to this day. He lives now in Simferopol, the house enclosed with a high fence with cameras, started protection with dogs and waits for something terrible. That, however, and itself doesn't know, but, it is visible, it is guilty.

Also the sharing …began

After death of brothers Lyubichey the late Evgeny Havich's all economy passed to "Salem". Actually, leaders of group achieved long ago it. Firms, the enterprises, real estate, "Casino" and other objects got now other owner - new main "seylemovets". However not for long music played - Themis's hand as a result reached and it. At first the court sentenced the Funnel to two years of imprisonment for illegal storage of the weapon. When this term ended, against it and three more accomplices brought criminal case for extortion. By the way, the victim who too served sentence for extortion, was found hung up in the camera after court I announced a sentence the Funnel - seven years of imprisonment.

Who became "кукловодить" in "Salem" after that, only the rare idler who isn't watching TV, not reading newspapers and, in general, carried out abroad doesn't know some years in the Crimea. "The last seylemovets" now the person known (thanks to advertizing which to it was made by militia and personally Lutsenko), influential, holding a high position in BP of the Crimea. And it started "driving" organized criminal group affairs at the most difficult o'clock for it - during militia cleaning at the end of 90-x. But, speak, "puppeteer" was prompter than the predecessors and quickly appropriated "common fund". To explain how it managed it, we will return to mister With - кову - to the director of insurance company of brothers Lyubichy "Skonto". He occupied this post not for long and became soon the director of one seylemovsky bank. I controlled then Nikolay's activity With - кова the representative of an organized criminal group "Salem" Vladimir Sh - Ning. And so, thanks to efforts of these two in bank in any way very big shortage which was estimated in millions was formed. In other words, there was an otmyvka of the large sum the seylemovskikh of money. To whose pockets they got, or rather on whose accounts settled, besides easy to guess. Approximately according to the same scheme money and from other objects of inheritance of Havich then the empire of "Salem" broke up was "washed up".

"The last seylemovets" on it didn't calm down:with such capital a direct road in policy, to the power. And it at it turned out excellent. While he worked for the benefit of the people hard, militiamen seriously undertook for "Boots". Militia cleaning of the end 90-x already struck blow to this group, however nevertheless not such strong, as the last. Leaders of an organized criminal group, so-called Moldavians, were compelled to escape from the Crimea (we will remind, in search Alexander Danilchenko, Nikolay Kozhukhar, Yury Erinyak stay now). And here some "boots" on skis didn't manage to rise and were arrested. Now militiamen rub the hands satisfied with successful "fishing" and "a large catch". But most of all that hooked "fish" started talking pleases them and is so eloquent that fugitives and a nose to the Crimea not кажут. Though, according to some information, on otkupny for painless homecoming all bashmakovsky "common fund" left, but it all the same doesn't help - mobsters undertook seriously.

Meanwhile "the last seylemovets" though is ready to leave, but nevertheless a situation uses - speak, he already took notice of the bashmakovsky economy which has remained while the almost ownerless. While the last save the asses, "puppeteer" under noise of a wave tries to divide their property, having extended it at relatives. Here such affairs...

Havich would see all this - would turn over in the grave. The inner sanctum - "common fund" - goes now on orders, briberies, excuses. About times, about customs! In a word, the criminal world falls together with his "concepts". Though despite it, a gangster era the end didn't come yet. As one militia colonel told, it will end when graves of mobsters on Abdalla will overgrow a grass. For now they are well-groomed and pure - means, the still remained...


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