Ukrainians began to give less than GAI bribes, but the kumovstvo

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Sociologists state increase of level of corruption in Ukraine.

About it data of the comparative analysis of national researches during 2007-2009 testify to a condition of corruption in Ukraine, prepared in common "Management of systems of International" and the Kiev international institute of sociology.

Data were presented on a press - conferences on Monday in Kiev, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

So, according to data of research, more than a third of Ukrainians (38,1%) declare growth of level of corruption in the country. In 2007 of such opinion 35,4% held.

At the same time level of real experience of collision with corruption manifestation (extortion, bribes and voluntary briberies) was reduced. It declared 62,5% in 2009 while in 2007 about it told 67% of respondents.

The considerable part of respondents - 51,1% - considers corruption in Ukraine as a market mechanism for acceleration of the solution of problems and considers such behavior justified.

Within two last years voluntary bribes to the state notaries were offered by 5% of Ukrainians, and in 2007 similar actions declared 11%.

To representatives of judicial system voluntary bribes in 2009 bore 9%, in 2007 - 14%.

Besides, Ukrainians began to bribe voluntary less to representatives of GAI (in 2007 - 35%, and in 2009 - 31%).

At the same time citizens of Ukraine began to use more often the personal contact for the solution of problems.

These researches speak about increase in cases of a so-called kumovstvo and protectionism in spheres of regular policy and business checks (in 2007 - 23,6%, and in 2009 - 25,2%), in the sphere the land relations (2007 - 16,7%, 2009 - 18,7%), in system of the state notariate (2007 - 6%, 2009 - 11,5%), in higher educational institutions (2007 - 21,9%, 2009 - 26,9%).

Ukrainians don't believe in desire of the government to overcome corruption in the country.

So, according to research if in 2008 there was a sharp reduction from 21,1% to 7,8% of confidence that the Cabinet of Ukraine wishes to overcome corruption in the country.

Besides, in desire to overcome corruption of the president of Ukraine and his secretariat 7,3%, and parliament of only 5,7% trust only.

Research took place in all regions Uk


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