In Kiev the pedophile killed mother of the 13 - the summer victim

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By the staff of criminal investigation department of Dneprovsky district management of militia it is released 13 - the summer girl captured 53 - the summer inhabitant of Kiev for satisfaction of passion. That to it didn't prevent to have a good time, the suspect killed mother of the victim.

It is already established that from the second half of April the detainee repeatedly kidnapped the girl and took out it for some days to the leased apartment in one of villages of Poltava region. Having intimidated unfortunate, I sent SMS - messages with its mobile to relatives, a pier I went for couple of days with the familiar guy to the Crimea. Probably, the tyrant estimated at once that it is easy to intimidate the thin, quiet girl. The first time it caught for the poor creature at a country house in the village. I dragged it in the car, I took out to the wood and I made that wanted. Then I showed to the child a hole on a forest edge, I declared: "You will tell someone, you will lie here".

Having come back home, the girl nevertheless told mother that she had to worry. Having contacted the tyrant by phone, the woman demanded to leave her daughter alone and threatened with militia. And in some days, on May 23 itself I was missing.

Soon it became clear that the girl is pregnant. It remained with the sick grandmother and the aunt. The intimidated girl was afraid to be frank with the native. After disappearance of mother Nikolay still took out the unfortunate child to the den three times, forcing to send home SMS - ки that with it everything is all right.

At the last stealing the girl managed to report to the aunt where she is when the torturer went to the car, having left a mobilka without control. The aunt immediately called in Dneprovskoye to the District Department of the Interior. On the same day to the specified address the group of staff of criminal investigation department left. Field investigators released the little concubine and detained the suspect. It didn't show resistance.

The detainee was 53 - the summer realtor, the inhabitant of the Dneprovsky area. It is married, has two adult children and even the grandson. Besides at it on a substern I was 17 - the summer mistress. It also pointed that to the dad to the girl when that wanted "more very young".

Some days the realtor took for a ride to field investigators, denying fault and bargaining for qualification of the act.Thus he tried to hide the terrible truth and to facilitate to itself(himself) punishment. At first the detainee claimed that to disappearance of mother no relation has, and with stolen everything occurred by a mutual consent and declared that the girl can't be pregnant from it. However it didn't deny that tried to agree with doctors about abortion for the girl, but couldn't as was for the child foreign person.

But, in some days, field investigators managed to prove that loss of mother and under weight of proofs he told work of the suspect how there was a business. That day the realtor called mother under the guise of the buyer Kemp and suggested it to meet to look at giving on wheels. Promising to take away purchase at once, I referred to that wants to come home for money for a deposit. And lives in the private house on the fringe of the forest around DVRZ. The poor woman also couldn't present whom actually is this a decent view the man. In the wood it delivered it, having referred to small need. When the woman left the car to smoke, the realtor attacked it from a back and several times struck with a knife. Having hidden a body unfortunate in bushes, I went on the market, I bought a shovel and I dug a corpse together with a bag, documents and a mobilka. And that the fresh earth didn't draw attention, over a grave organized kostrishche.

In the relation of the detainee criminal case under article about a premeditated murder is brought. The girl is in a condition of the strongest stress. Now doctors, psychologists, employees of social services work with it. According to field investigators it could be not the only victim of the suspect. Everything who can help an investigation, we ask to call in Dneprovsky district management of militia by telephones (044) 559-46-80, 559-51-85.


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