From - for the literary talent the Nikolaev Dpsnik rang out under court

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During performance of the official duties the worker dorozhno - patrol service гр - N And. I decided to dispel boredom by means of a feather, is more exact - a usual ball pen. Obsessed with inspiration,he decided to cook up the present protocol on commission of nonexistent administrative violation by the nonexistent driver in the nature. And the car passing by it only strengthened this irrepressible desire. Yes so that the depeesnik, without hesitation, wrote down model of this car and its number in the protocol!

Unless it could present then, what having output on the official form all data of the mythical breaker of rules of traffic and, having recorded lime violation with use of real number of others car, to itself will sign a sentence? I couldn't, and therefore I charged to the acquaintance to enter a stroke of a feather in minutes an explanation of "violator", and itself I output indications of two of others, not present at this process, "witnesses". The protocol, as well as it is necessary, I handed over for the reporting... Only soon the "literary" talent of the citizen was exposed by check.

- This employee of traffic police was condemned for the commission of crime, providedh. 3 Art. 364Criminal code of Ukraine-abuse of official position. Besides, the deliberate illegal actions And. I committed the crime provided p.1 by Art. 366 of UK of Ukraine - an office fake, i.e., entering by the official into the official document of obviously inveracious information, and also drawing up and issue of obviously inveracious documents.

R.'s citizen made the inveracious document - the protocol on commission of the administrative offense provided p.1 by Art. 130 КУоАП of the violator rather invented by it. Its biographical particulars and identification papers, too were invented.As a result sentence of the Central district court to the citizen R.punishment in the form of 5 years of imprisonment with deprivation of the right to hold positions in system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine for a period of 2 years is appointed. The court considered extenuating fault And. circumstances also I exempted it from punishment on the basis of Art. 75 of the Criminal code of Ukraine with a trial period in 1 year, - the senior assistant prosecutor of the city of Nikolaev Tatyana TSIBUH commented on this case.



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