Militiamen shot bribe takers rubber bullets

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The staff of department of public service on fight against economic crimes of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Sevastopolwhen receiving a bribethe head of department of one of regional administrations of the city is detained.

As the head of department of public relations of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Sevastopol militia captain Renata Mayboroda reported, in regional administration the citizen appealed to translate the one-room apartment from housing stock in uninhabited, under office room.

In the solution of a question I mediated the realtor of real estate agency which was in business relations with officials of regional public administration. She hinted this citizen that his question will be considered in administration of 6-8 months, and as a result the decision necessary to it won't be made. To resolve an issue quicker, it is necessary to bribe, she told. As a result that transferred for the official of district administration through the realtor of 2200 dollars. In 3 weeks the realtor again I addressed to him with the requirement to give 3000 more dollars as the previous sum it appeared insufficiently. For transfer of money it appointed a place near one of shopping centers, writes UNIAN.

When in due time members of criminal group came behind money, they were waited already by employees of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After receiving a bribe the head of department of district administration tried to disappear from a scene. Police officers for detention of the malefactor were compelled to apply the gun to firing by rubber bullets. As a result the official received damage of soft tissues of a hip. Police officers rendered to the victim first aid, Mayboroda reported.

Upon extortion and receiving bribethe prosecutor's office of the city of Sevastopol concerning malefactors brought criminal case on h. 2 Art. 368 of UK of Ukraine, concerning the realtor of real estate agency are brought criminal case according to p.1 Art. 369 of UK of Ukraine.

Now all members of criminal group admitted deeds.


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