The wife нардепа - G. Zadyrko's nikolayevets denies information that tried to steal underwear

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As the Italian newspaper "Sole24ore" reports, the citizen of Ukraine was detained by protectionprestigious Milan boutique of the LAURA URBINATIunderwear (it is located in Milan on Montenapoleone Street)in attempt of theft of exclusive lingerie for the sum of 2 275 euros, transfer "Vlasti.Net".

According to the Milan police which has arrived to a scene, the detainee behaved provocatively, tried to arrange fight with employees of protection of LAURA URBINATI shop, threatened them,I demanded immediate arrival of the consul of Ukraine, emphasizing that fact that she is the spouse of one of People's Deputies of Ukraine.

The personality of the lawbreaker was identified in a police station. It wasZadirko Elena Aleksandrovna(1967), the spouse of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from BYuTGennadiya Zadirko.

Elena denies information that she allegedly tried to rob the Italian boutique of the Laura Urbinati underwear.

- I never was in Italy! - Elena Zadirko is indignant.- Still I didn't read that about me write. Friends told me about it. By the way, I at all didn't hear about such brand of linen.

Elena doesn't work two years. I edited the Nikolaev newspaper "Krik" earlier.

- For the first time about me and my family extend similar gossips, - it continues. - I consider that it is connected with professional activity of my husband.

Gennady Zadirko says that his wife the last time left the country in the winter.They skied in Finland.

- It is difficult to imagine that the respectable woman, could such make mother of two children, - he negoduyushche speaks. - I can call two more countries where it was is Turkey and Egypt.

Notes that article of the Italian newspaper has no date when according to them there was a theft.

- It is nonsense! It is written by rascals. Such methods of promotion used in fascist Germany. And now representatives from BYuT apply them to discrimination of the deputy Zadirko and his family.There is no difference who exactly made it. But such questions are supervised by the first vice-премьр Oleksandr Turchynov and the chief of the information block Alexander Abdullin. I assure you that it is connected with my principled stand against coalition creation with Party регинов.


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