In Nikolaev discussed an eurointegration question: why Europe is afraid of us, and we – it?

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On June 18 the library of a name of Gmyrev brought together officials and representatives of leading Nikolaev universities to discuss questions of eurointegration of Ukraine and readiness for the entry into the European Union Nikolaev area. Participants of discussion met that eurointegration it is good, but it is necessary to consider our mentality.

-All the same not to change us under the European standards, - the head of department concerning the external relations of the regional state administrationexpressed the opinionTatyana Chichkalyuk. - But whether it is necessary? We aren't worse and it isn't better than Europeans. We simply others. Why we there go? For two reasons: 1) preservation of peace; 2) economic prosperity. I am surprised by the potential of the Nikolaev area. We are interesting to Europe.

Leading expert of the international department of the Nikolaev state agrarian universityVitaly KarbashevskyI touched upon a subject of Bologna Process (process of rapprochement and harmonization of education systems of the countries of Europe for the purpose of creation of uniform European space of the higher education).

Speech of the head of the international department of National university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarovwas the most interestingBoris Timoshevsky. Being very educated and informed person, it, to everything, visited many countries of the world therefore could share with participants of a seminar the most objective supervision.

- Bologna Process - a thing good, - was told by him. - But it can't be perceived as it works in Europe. We have a different mentality.My daughter studied at the Colombian university in New - York. It even had no thought to skip class and not to gain knowledge. And a half of my students went to study because the father with mother forced. The Bologna system should be introduced, but taking into account mentality.Today it was told that the South of Ukraine doesn't hurry to Europe. I think that it because long time the promotion directed against Europe and against the USA worked for us.But after all today, excuse, all of us want to be treated in Europe, we want to put on in the European clothes, we want to teach children in Europe. We already almost there.It is necessary to understand that movement to Europe is not movement in NATO. These are two different things.And though I consider myself as the progressive person, but I think that it isn't necessary to hurry with NATO. Everything is good in its season.

Boris Timoshevsky shared the thoughts of why Europe is afraid of us, and we - it, and that from each other it is necessary to us:

- So,of that Europeis afraid. After all for us there strongly don't wait. In - the first, Europeans remember World War II. In - the second, in Ukraine absolutely unstable political situation. In the third, Europeans are afraid of a flow of labor migrants from Ukraine. They welcome a flow of competent experts. But are afraid of labor unskilled labor. Besides, we have a powerful potential, especially agricultural products. After all there the products which have been grown up in nature, are several times more expensive than the products which have been grown up on the basis of various additives. They are afraid our hi-tech production, our nanotechnologies. Also they are afraid our criminal business. Europeans are very concerned there that our criminal authorities very comfortably feel in their countries.

-And our citizens are afraid of two things, - Boris Timoshevsky continues. - That Ukraine can get in voyenno - political dependence, and transformations of Ukraine into a raw appendage.

The teacher of NUKA concerned also a shipbuilding subject. It visited South Korea and saw as far as their shipbuilding surpasses ours. The shipbuilding of South Korea develops in close connection with scientific and technical progress. At us, in comparison with them, the ships are under construction, roughly speaking, by means of a hammer and nails.

-Now there will be a period of stagnation of shipbuilding around the world, - Boris Timoshevsky told. - Simply because the ships have nothing to transport. Today vessels transport only 30 percent of those freights which could.It is necessary to use this period of stagnation and "to reweapon" our sphere of shipbuilding(means to introduce the last scientific development - a bus)

It is necessary to go to Europe. But, as the speaker summed up, it is impossible to forget and about east vector. It is impossible to quarrel with such neighbor, as Russia. Especially as, according to Boris Timoshevsky, even the countries of Europe are rather afraid of it.


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