The SBU was suspected by Kuzmina of espionage, GPU multiplies affairs for "wiretap"

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Of SBU suspected that the deputy public prosecutor Renat Kuzmin was engaged in espionage in favor of Israel and therefore listened to its conversations.

About it writes "The businessman - Ukraine", noting what to find out that formed the basis for such suspicions and initiation of the corresponding business, investigators of the State Office of Public Prosecutor yet didn't manage.

"The judgment concerning providing permission to carrying out quickly - the technical actions which are temporarily limiting the rights of citizens, in the matter of No. 3109 (counterprospecting business within which the court issued the sanction on listening of telephone conversations of Kuzmin), at the time of providing inquiry is destroyed", - is spoken in the official report of the head of department of supervision over observance of laws when carrying out quickly - search activity of GPU of Yury Svatki.

According to the newspaper, business No. 3109 to which the employee of GPU refers, was destroyed on December 30, 2008.

At the same time, a number of the documents, testifying that else in March of this year, was for the edition availablehaving admitted the fact of illegal listening of Kuzmin, the SBU didn't leave attempts to stop the investigation initiated by the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

From available documents which the "Kommersant" has, follows that the resolution GPU on initiation of legal proceedings upon abuse of authority by officials of Head department on fight against corruption and the organized crime of SBU and personal privacy violation, was appealed in court by the deputy chief 1-го managements GUBKOP SBOU CONSTANTINE Mulik.

After the Svyatoshinsky regional court of Kiev decided to stop investigation, the Head department of military prosecutor's offices of GPU brought on April 14 one more criminal case No. 49-2718 - this time upon drawing up and introduction by officials GUBKOP SBU in official documents of obviously inveracious data. However investigation of this business also was stopped by Svyatoshinsky regional court in the SBU claim.

Legality of the decision of the courts, closed affairs, now considers Appellate court of Kiev region.

But in spite of the fact that both cases production was suspended in a judicial order, investigation of the facts connected with illegal listening of Kuzmin, proceeds.

According to the edition, the other day GPU brought one more, the third criminal case and continued carrying out investigative actions.

According to the member of parliamentary committee on questions of justice Svyatoslav Oliynyk (BYUT), "the circle of people, illegal listenings of statesmen involved in the organization" gradually is established.

"The role and Durdints's place (ex-the deputy head of SBU, now is in the international wanted list) is already known. One more person involved is the employee of SBU Pavlenko (the deputy head of SBU, supervises activity of counterintelligence service)", - Oliynyk told.

"But the juiciest person involved in this telephone scandal I would call the chairman of Appellate court of Kiev Anton Chernushenko. I have no doubts what exactly he played one of key roles, issuing illegal sanctions on listening. As far as I know, now concerning it a number quickly - search and investigative actions" is carried out, - the deputy added.


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