The Nikolaev GAI officers detained two inhabitants of the next area who carried with itself in the car an arsenal of the weapon and black masks. One of them was the militiaman

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On the night of June 19, in 3.30 mornings a dress of the May Day company of GIA Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area detained two inhabitants of the Kirovograd area who carried with itself in the car a weapon and mask arsenal.

Staff of GAI I noticed the suspicious car "DEU of Lanos" which stopped near a forest belt. They decided to check a car but when came nearer to "DEU", suspicious night guests "distances on gases" and tried to disappear.

Staff of GAI was let in a pursuit, they managed to block the car "DEU" way. Then violators tried to disappear run, but also this time their attempt came to grief. They were detained.

Two young men of 23 and 24 years, inhabitants of the Kirovograd area appeared detainees. And the senior appeared the employee of the Kirovograd militia.

The reason of their strange behavior became clear after car survey - swells carried with themselves a revolver "the Safari the Magnum", intended for firing in the fraction, two sawn-off shotguns of hunting guns of caliber of 12 and 16 mm, a box of cartridges to them and a wooden baseball bat. Besides, at them in the car as at real Hollywood bandits, two black masks were found.

Children obviously went not to baseball to play, but were detained by a vigilant GAI squad and delivered in May Day горрайотдел.

At present participation of the Kirovograd swells in commission of any crimes is checked.

Criminal case according to UK Art. 236 - "Illegal storage of the weapon" is meanwhile brought.


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