The Odessa militiamen caught the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area who traded in theft on the Odessa beaches

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Thefts on beaches - the phenomenon for the resort region very widespread. And if in Soviet period in beach villainy teenagers traded generally, now this trade came to new level.

So, in the Shevchenkovsky District Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Odessa addressed 31 - the summer local who reported that the unknown criminal on a beach stole its mobile phone what it left without supervision. About it reports TsOS of the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odessa region.

During carried out quickly - search actions by police officers, on suspicion in commission of this crime the inhabitant of the Nikolaev area was detained. The stolen thing was withdrawn from it - the mobile phone. At present the issue of initiation of legal proceedings is resolved.

It should be noted that you won't be able to distinguish the thief from the ordinary vacationer: the same sandals on a bare foot, shorts, a t-shirt, a cap. Thieves find future victim previously, as a rule, behind the value of things which came into the view. It can be both money, and the mobile phone, and the camera which vacationers leave on a beach without supervision, going to bathe.

Some consider that in crowded places thieves are afraid to trade because risk to be caught is greatest. In certain cases indeed, but on populous beaches it is on the contrary easier for criminal to trade in "dirty deeds", after all often none of vacationers even don't pay attention to the thief. Therefore it is better to be attentive, than to rely on a case.

Therefore, what it isn't necessary to do on a beach not to fall a victim of thieves? You shouldn't take everything on a beach that you brought with yourselves on rest. In general it is better to forget about rings, chains, bracelets and hours, jewelry you will draw only attention of potential malefactors. Advise in Sector on public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia.

By the way, many recreation facilities provide to vacationers of service of left-luggage offices or safes.

If all of you - brought on a value beach, don't leave them without supervision.Often victims of beach thieves are women who, having closed a face a towel, peacefully sleep, and having woken up, can not be counted personal belongings.

If, you fell a victim of beach thieves, anyway don't disregard an event. If you have a rest on recreation facility or a paid beach, at once inform that happened, administration or its representatives. Then immediately address in the nearest police station and write the application. Impunity only stimulates thieves to commit crimes.


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