Lutsenko explained that murder of the person justifies last sins нардепа Lozinsky

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The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko considers inexpedient to recommend for a decoration on granting certain deputies from BYuT of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from the same fraction of Victor Lozinsky involved in incident in the Kirovograd area during which the person was lost.

The Interior Minister declared it on air "the 5th channel".

"No, so you shouldn't do on many circumstances. At least on circumstances of the relation to him local population (inhabitants of the Kirovograd area). I know that it (V. Lozinsky) has, to put it mildly, very low authority among the population, there are many stories which don't decorate it in the past … I don't think that it needs to be awarded today for any acts even if it made an act - I detained the armed person - and it is valid so, I can confirm that this person was armed, - and there is a question only about circumstances of this event during detention of this person: whether worked all under the law during detention", - Yu. Lutsenko told.

According to the minister even if the detention occurred within the law, it cancels some "ugly acts" V. Lozinsky in the past, but "for an award to it still to work and work for the country and people".

At the same time Yu. Lutsenko expressed disagreement with statements of People's Deputies from political forces which don't enter into the coalition, to punish V. Lozinsky "extrajudicially".

"I am guarded very much by present campaign of mob killings which is managed by People's Deputies, on hands at which very much and very many wrong, inveracious and injust affairs. Not to speak to them about it", - the minister noted.

He also emphasized that only prosecutor's office in which production there is a business concerning events in the Golovanovsky region of the Kirovograd area with the assistance of the mentioned deputy, and then court have to put the end to this history, instead of the parliamentarian or temporary commission of inquiry of BP.

As it was reported, on June 16 around 20.00 near пгт Golovanovsk the Kirovograd area owing to collision with the People's Deputy from BYuT B.The Lozinsky, Golovanovsky regional prosecutor Evgeny Gorbenko and the chief of Golovanovsky regional department of militia Mikhail Kovalsky the man of 1954 year of birth was lost.


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