VSK on incident with Lutsenko at the airport is ready to place points over "і"

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The temporary commission of inquiry of the Verkhovna Rada investigating incident with participation of the Minister of Internal Affairs by Yury LUTSENKO at the airport of Frankfurt am Main, is ready to publish the report soon.

As the Kommersant-Ukraina newspaper reports (No. 105 of June 25), the basis of the report was formed by materials of office investigation of the Cabinet, confirming that the minister wasn't drunk. People's Deputies from the Party of Regions, hoping to use creation of VSK to dismiss Yu.LUTsENKO, such result of work of the commission called expected, notes the edition.

Next plenary week in the Verkhovna Rada VSK report under the leadership of the People's Deputy Roman ZABZALYUK (BYUT), investigating incident at the airport of Frankfurt am Main (two VSK on investigation of this incident one of which headed R. ZABZALYUK were created on May 19, and another - the People's Deputy from Party of Regions Nestor SHUFRICH) will be published.

As R. ZABZALYUK told the newspaper, members of VSK sent official inquiries to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, and also to law enforcement agencies of Germany, invited to the closest meeting of the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany Natalya ZARUDNUYU, the consul general in Frankfurt am Main Alexander NOVOSELOV, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Germany Sergey DYATLOV and Yu.LUTsENKO.

"For working hours of the commission we dispatched a set of inquiries in various structures, and the first answers which we received, testify that all charges to LUTsENKO had provocative character", - R. ZABZALYUK declared and added that the commission didn't receive any official evidence of violation of the law by the minister.

"However, we yet didn't receive the official answer to our inquiry from SBU concerning investigation of how materials for office using of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could get to mass media (the letter of the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany N. ZARUDNA in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which it informs on incident and, in particular, claims that Yu. LUTSENKO was in a state of intoxication)", - R. ZABZALYUK added.

The confrontation between the Interior Minister, the staff of SBU and N. ZARUDNA becomes the last stage of work of VSK, according to R. ZABZALYUK.The head of VSK assumes that it will take place next week. "After that we will be able to prepare the preliminary report of the commission and probably we will announce it prior to the beginning of a parliamentary recess", - he noted.

Meanwhile, according to the "Kommersant", the report of VSK will be based generally on materials of office investigation of the Cabinet of Ukraine, the decision of Land court of Berlin and commission replies to the requests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice.

Conclusions of office investigation of Cabinet of Ministers, available editions, consist of six points. In them it is noted that incident at the airport of Frankfurt am Main took place, but there are no the facts confirming alcoholic intoxication of any of members of delegation. In the written explanation of Yu.LUTsENKO which is attached to the act of office investigation, it is said that during a dinner in airport cafe "the delegation ordered a traditional local dish "Sausages on - Frankfurt" and on a glass of light Frankfurt Building beer. In the governmental document it is specified that the reasons of the conflict to local police of "possible illegal actions of staff of Lufthansa airline from-for unconfirmed charges of intoxication" steel. The prosecutor's office at Land court of Frankfurt am Main refused initiation of legal proceedings concerning Yu.LUTsENKO. Also in the document it is specified that during detention of Yu.LUTsENKO and its son the police didn't carry out video filming, and all materials which are in prosecutor's office, the German investigators don't intend to give out as at Yu.LUTsENKO "with vice-the president of land police Günter HEFNER reached the agreement on refusal of mutual claims".

Thus, the newspaper assumes that in the total report of parliamentary VSK there will be no information which could give to opponents of the Interior Minister a formal reason to demand its resignation.

the "Kommersant" reminds that how it became known of incident with participation of the minister, in parliament the relevant resolution as which author the People's Deputy Vladislav LUKYANOV (Party of Regions) acted was registered. Yesterday he declared to the newspaper that "didn't expect anything other from activity of this commission". "This commission was created to hide only none will be the wiser", - V. LUKYANOV told and assured that, even несмо


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