For assault on the Nikolaev taxi driver 19 - the summer guy will go to prison for 14 years

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Appellate court of the Nikolaev area 19 - N.'s summer citizen is condemned by 14 years of imprisonment with property confiscation for assault on the taxi driver, a taking its car and attempt at murder. About it reports a press - service of prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that in the city of Ochakov of the Nikolaev area the guy, having put knife wound to the taxi driver, illegally I took control of his car. The man survived, but now is in hospital with numerous knife wounds. Attacking detained without delay.

On a court sentence N.'s citizen is found guilty that, in September, 2008, at night, it stopped the taxi car under management гр. B - which went from the village Kutsurub to Ochakov. The malefactor asked the driver to bring him to Ochakov, the taxi driver agreed.

Already in Ochakovo the passenger repeatedly changed the directions of movement of a taxi, choosing a poorly populated and dark place for a stop. Around 23.00 he ordered to the driver to stop a taxi near one of parks of Ochakovo, got a knife from a pocket and struck to the taxi driver three blows.

As a result at the victim getting knife wound of an abdominal cavity, cut wounds of the person, a neck, the left auricle and two left palm wounds was recorded.

However the driver appeared not the defenseless victim and showed to the criminal active resistance. He tried to pull out a knife from his hands, then jumped out of the car and escaped.

After attempt the criminal took control of his car "KEMRI TOYOTA", the NOKIA-6233 mobile phone, a purse and money in the sum of 300 hryvnias.

Considering depth of moral anguish and material damage which were suffered by the victim and his native as a result of commission of the specified crime, the court satisfied claims of the victim, and decided to collect in its advantage from N. material damage in the sum 3 265 тисяч hryvnias, and also moral damage in the sum of 50 000 thousand hryvnias.

The defender of the condemned N.I disagreed with court conclusions about validity of fault of the client in commission of attempt at murder of the person and with too severe, in his opinion, punishment, and I appealed against sentence in the Supreme Court of Ukraine.

However, the highest judicial authority recognized a court sentence lawful and left it without changes.


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