Detained in Nikolayevshchina for a robbery the man was the tyrant - the pedophile

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With the statement for a robbery I addressed to the Nikolaev militiamen 20 - the summer girl. That day it hurried from Ochakovo to the city of Nikolaev. The bus long wasn't and the girl decided to stop a passing car.

It wasn't necessary to wait long, in some minutes at its request the car VAZ which driver kindly agreed to give a lift to the passenger stopped. But already through some kilometers of a way the driver started sticking to the girl and to achieve implementation of the sexual desires. Having been refused from the passenger, the driver stopped the car and said goodbye to her. And for memory of unrealized desires I decided to leave myself its mobile phone. The girl didn't expect such impudence and at once addressed in militia. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

It wasn't necessary to look for the offender long, after all it remembered registration plate of the car of the offender. Already days later the lewd man detained. The resident of Ochakovo who in the 38 years had a family and decent work appeared the detainee. In life everything, except, in his opinion sufficed to the man, female attention.

Carrying out investigative actions, guards paid attention that recently Sergey very much was interested in an opposite sex, and, in particular, in minor girls. Fellows villager repeatedly noticed Sergey's passions to very young girls and once even addressed about it in militia.

Then with the man led explanatory discussion, and from - for absence of structure of a crime released. The prevention didn't do good to Sergey. Some months sufficed it to forget about conversation with militiamen and he again fell back into the old ways.

Field investigators continued to collect information on the identity of the detainee and as it appeared, not in vain.

In May of this year in the same Ochakovo left the house and I didn't return 14 - summer Elena. The girl lived in a large family. It went to the aunt to the neighboring village and and was missing. It seemed to militiamen that disappearance of the minor child and history with the robbed girl have something the general.In both cases of the girl stopped a lift at bus stops and got involved in bad unpleasant incidents.

Professionalism of police officers for the second day yielded the results. Sergey started remembering events of that of day when Elena disappeared and to give confession.

At the end of May Elena came to a bus stop and agreed to approach a lift. Then Sergey too started soliciting the girl, and then, having understood that the child is defenseless, brought her to the next forest belt where raped. Elena couldn't reject pressure of the adult strong man and promised to be silent, but Sergey started doubting it. It made decisions not to leave the witness of the dissolute actions. Elena didn't manage to put on yet as the tyrant snatched on her and strangled. After murder Sergey threw a body of the girl, got into the car and went on affairs.

During carrying out investigative actions the murderer pointed to a place of commission of crime. In a month after murder from the girl I remained only a head skeleton, other parts of a body were eaten by dogs and foxes.

For commission of such serious crime Sergey is threatened by the long term of stay in prison.


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