The president Yushchenko to Tymoshenko: "Your deputies kill people"

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PresidentVictor Yushchenkocalls People's Deputies and the prime minister - the ministerYulia Timoshenkoto support its offer to the Verkhovna Rada concerning cancellation of parliamentary immunity.

"The prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko signed the coalition agreement where obligations to support idea of removal of parliamentary immunity" were in black and white assumed, - Yushchenko told during a meeting with heads of law enforcement agencies concerning Valery Oliynyk's murder.

"Today at you, Yulia Vladimirovna, the majority in the Ukrainian parliament. Today your members of the same party kill people. If you on the party of the Ukrainian law if you are integrated by the selective obligation, I am convinced, you support my initiative concerning cancellation of parliamentary immunity", - the president declared.

He emphasized that with the same request addresses and to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin, "which together with the political force considerably can help with adoption of this basic decision".

The president also paid attention of opposition that its voice now also is very important in order that in Ukraine the law set in.

"I address to society. How many it is necessary that still was lost people from hands of criminals in the power that we created public intolerance to existence of parliamentary immunity? I look for supports in this question and I hope for a voice of people", - Yushchenko told.

On belief of the president, "lessons which should be made of this situation, have to be based that Valery Oliynyk's murder is an example of how party model of formation of the power as the party principle of formation of law enforcement agencies leads to that we have unique sources of gangsterism, crime and corruption in these bodies".

"While Party members will be appointed the prosecutor or the minister, anywhere, any status or level while this Party member in the status of the People's Deputy will have parliamentary immunity under the law, we never will overcome corruption", - the head of state added.


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