Too fixed Inattention is rendered by Ukraine to the facts of tortures in militia

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Only the deaf didn't hear from acquaintances or didn't face itself the facts of tortures during interrogations in militia - "mop", "a dynamo - cars", "swallows" and "gas masks"... And some people in uniforms can night without a break and till the morning to be convinced of how голь on an invention it is cunning.

As reported today on a press - the conference dated for Day of support of victims of tortures, the Assistant Secretary of internal affairs in the Nikolaev area Sergey Shvets, last year was a case of nayezakonny condemnation of nikolayevets according to the forged proofs. Violated the law "militiamen" yet weren't punished, and materials are still considered by prosecutor's office.

- Our national legislation and furthermore departmental acts, in many respects don't meet standards of international law, - Sergey Shvets told. - Business "Rabich against Austria" when by - well to Rabich tortures with the purpose to compel it to give recognition in commission of crime were applied is case. Medical examination didn't show physical traces of tortures. According to the decision of the European Court, "Not Rabich had to prove that him beat, and the Austrian militia had to prove that didn't beat Rabich". ("… if this person received damages during the contents in a police station, the duty is assigned to the state to prove that damages appeared for other reason, instead of as a result of the inappropriate treatment of the detainee of police officers"(Rabich against Austria, the decision of July 4, 1995). - editor's note)We have all on the contrary, and detainees have to prove that them beat, and it is quite difficult. Ukraine declared itself the constitutional state and moves in the correct direction, but quite slowly.

According to Sergey Shvets last year in Nikolaev two criminal cases and seven police officers of the Central and Factory regional departments were brought were brought to trial on the facts of tortures with the purpose to compel detainees to stipulate themselves. Now fans of "action" expect a judgment.

For fight against an arbitrariness in militia public councils from representatives of militia and human rights organizations are created. They have powers at any time to visit any bodies and divisions, places of deduction of persons under investigation and prisoners, have access to all documents. By results of the investigations council introduces to the management request for carrying out office investigation, makes recommendations about elimination of defects and checks implementation of the instructions.

In 2008 by results of 15 departures systematic shortcomings were found, such as a neukomplektation of first-aid kits, violation of a kvartsevaniye of cameras, lack of fluorographic researches (after all a scourge of all prisons - tuberculosis), the magazine of visits doesn't correspond to certain forms (that can complicate check of illegal deduction of the person), and the main problem - absence at militiamen of knowledge of normative documents and regulations on human rights. As for the last fact - that till July 15 all chiefs and heads of departments will pass tests on knowledge of human rights.

This year the public council already registered two facts of illegal detention.

Speaking about tortures and human rights violations it is necessary to remember practice for discrediting official authority "to pull" indicators of plans, throwing up during a search cartridges, "grass" and other illegal subjects. Really, sometimes happens ridiculously and terribly to read in militia chronicles how on Sovetskaya Street the pensioner with cartridges from "Kalash", for example, or the grandmother with нунчаками …

was detained

- Yes, such tendency takes place, - Sergey Shvets recognized, - in two months 120 withdrawals were carried out, all of us aren't able to check, of course. Did the general analysis by results of which it appeared that such facts take place, all materials are transferred to the device of the Minister. As soon as there will be results of check, I will report on them.

As the chief of militia of public safety Vladimir Kuzmenko told, in the territory of Nikolayevshchina there are 17 insulators three of which were closed for elimination of shortcomings of them and carrying out capital repairs to approach conditions of our pre-trial detention centers and IVS to European Union standards. But money from the budget for their repair weren't allocated. Thanks to means from specialfund, renovations in some IVS were carried out. And all it is necessary 12-15 million hryvnias.

But here and to the grandma don't go, it is clear that the state will quicker allocate such money for medicine, children or education, and only in the last turn - for prisons. Yes and no never at the state of money in the necessary quantity even on the first categories …

As the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko once told, "powerlessness to change a situation, not from you depending, and mass character of a nenakazannost for abuses can't but excite. The immemorial trouble - the office crime, which materials collects the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the prosecutor's office" investigates.

Tortures it is unambiguously bad, "setups" it is unambiguously inhumane. And how the simple investigator can let go in peace the person behind which shoulders some murders, but to prove which, in the presence of interested in money of the prosecutor or the judge, it is almost impossible? And that in Europe and America the term of punishment is summarized and if the murderer didn't obtain the lifelong - two hundred will give it years - and leave if you will stay. And at us - will give four, and that, conditionally. One put - others release. Tens years on the former Soviet Union there was such System. Race behind plans and indicators forces militiamen to go on transactions with conscience. Pleases that the similar facts, at last, now become property of publicity.

Having summed up all aforesaid, it is possible to claim that without financing of prisons tuberculosis will continue to grow. Militiamen, receiving "from above" exigeant plans, and holding the low-paid place and risking every day life, will throw to bums and "skilled" drugs and to hang up on them "wood-grouses". And especially gifted will invent all new and more and more perfect methods of tortures - which don't leave traces, but force long and to suffer strongly.

You remember a joke about the young militiaman who arrived on service and I didn't come some months behind a salary and when it asked in what, actually, business, he answered: "And I thought - gave the gun - and turn as you want" …

"Isn't present to tortures! " - Ukraine told six years ago when in 1997 I ratified the European convention on prevention of tortures and the inhumane relation or punishment. I told, and now with attempts and a scratch, tries to correspond. But harmonious actions of they are for this purpose necessary are human rights activists, militiamen, lawyers, the authorities and each of us.


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