The SBU undertook the blogger who posted in the Internet the reference book

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The security service of Ukraine investigates case of the Lugansk citizen Dmitry Medvedev who laid out the telephone reference book on the Internet.

The main claim of militiamen consists that the classified information got to Worldwide network, in particular data on specialsubscribers - officials, reports "5 channel".

Telephone numbers of specialsubscribers of Lugansk and partially their home addresses appeared on the Internet. Together with people who simply didn't want that them found through the usual reference book, a curtain of blackout removed from judges, prosecutors and other officials. In total those to whom disclosure of private data can cause many efforts.

The blogger took the "Ukrtelecom" database as a file basis - but "not edited". As it got to cybercriminals, now find out.

At present regional management of SBU doesn't make comments on incident. Avoids explanations and "Ukrtelecom".

At the same time, the blogger told how I published the reference book on own website 9 months ago, beautifully issued it and explained how to use. Speaks, I wanted to help fellow countrymen only.

"I checked working capacity, entered couple of surnames. That this reference book appeared the expanded version, for me was a bolt from the blue. I don't know history of this reference book as it appeared on the Internet", - he assures.

"Ukrtelecom" complained of emergence of the reference book to SBU. Staff of this service removed the page of the blogger, and from her owner withdrew the laptop and this - cards with mobile.

However, Medvedev convinces that of him do a whipping boy, and the real cybercriminals don't look for.

It encountered the reference book on the Internet as there are a lot of others. At the request of journalists the blogger in a moment finds him on spaces of the World wide web.

The journalist of the channel confirms: "The reference book still on the Internet. It is enough to make literally 2 cliques: one, two - and it at your order. Here, for example, it is easy to find numbers of home telephone numbers and the address on which there live the staff of SBU in Lugansk".

Lawyers, having learned about such situation, only make a helpless gesture. The similar case in jurisprudence of Ukraine yet wasn't. However, we are ready to protect both injured officials, and the blogger.

According to the lawyer Igor Chudovsky, "actually, it is necessary to change system telephone consecrate and if addresses - that it is irreplaceable".

"Frankly speaking you do simple inquiry which are obliged to answer, and bodies don't give even simple such information", - he adds.

Against the guy - the blogger already brought criminal case upon information distribution with limited access. Now Medvedev is threatened by a penalty or some years of imprisonment.


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